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Watch in-depth videos covering a variety of topics and skill levels - the most recent are at the bottom. Go to the Webinar page to sign up for the next webinar live. Follow along with the videos after you Download a Free Demo Now

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  • Webinar New Arrivals

    The NEC (NFPA 70), NFPA 70E, Osha 1910 and You

    Arc Flash Mitigation with Fuses

    Top 5 Reasons to Share Arc Flash Data File

    Transient Motor Starting in EasyPower

    Effective Electrical Safety Programs - Focus on PPE

    Utilizing the Arc Flash Database to Do Power Flow Analysis

    Arc Flash Techniques and Considerations for Systems Design

    Jim Lagree's Presentation (PDF)

    Dynamic Stability Studies and Applications

    Ground Grid Analysis in Power Systems Studies - SESTech

    Most Popular Webinars

    Utility Short Circuit Data & Arc Flash

    Intro to Arc Flash

    intro to arc flash

    Important Changes in NFPA 70E 2015

    Protective Device Coordination - Intro

    Protective Device Coordination

    Past Webinars

    Here are some of the videos from past webinars. To see all of the past webinars, click on the Older Webinars tab above.

    Dynamic Stability Scripts in EasyPower

    Whats New in EasyPower 9.8

    Medium Voltage Breakers

    NFPA 70E 2018 Edition - Likely Changes

    Jim's presentation (PDF)

    Advanced Power Flow Topics

    Panel & Switchboard Schedule Implementation

    Using Harmonic Anlysis Software - Harmonics Part 1

    Harmonic Filter Design Concepts - Harmonics Part 2

    Modern Selectivity Techniques Beyond Time Current Curves

    There is no video available, but here are some additional resources:

    - Marcelo's Presentation (PDF)
    - Guide to Instantaneous Selectivity
    - EasyPower file used in presentation

    Arc Flash Risk Assessment: The RFP

    Reducing Arc Flash Energies on Tranformer
    Secondaries - Fuse Solutions

    Switched Capacity Motor Starting

    Paul's Presentation (PDF)

    Coordination Studies - Real-world Examples

    Using Relays for Arc Flash Energy Mitigation

    Karl's Presentation (PDF)

    Watch basic videos that are meant for beginners or those existing users wanting a refresher. Go to the Webinar page to sign up for the next refresher webinar live. Follow along with the videos after you Try a Free Demo Now

    Refresher Webinar New Arrivals

    Protective Device Coordination Options in EasyPower

    Custom Schedule Templates with EasyPower

    EasyPower for Local Utility Applications

    Arc Flash Options for Better IEEE 1584 Results

    Short Circuit Options in EasyPower

    Site Specific PPE and Custom Arc Flash Labels

    Using MCC Breakers Which are Series Rated

    Utilizing Custom TCC plots in EasyPower Coordination

    Customized Drawings Sheets In EasyPower

    Short Circuit Options in EasyPower

    Using Harmonics to Avoid Issues at Your Facility

    Using PowerFlow to Reduce Power Factor Demand Penalties

    The Ins and Outs of Scenario Manager

    Device Coordination Examples, Continued - Arc Flash and DC Systems

    Custom Panel Schedules in EasyPower

    Calculating Incident Energy using EasyPower Short Circuit Options

    Data Collection for Arc Flash - Part 3, EasyPower OnSite™

    Data Collection for Arc Flash - Part 2,
    Creating Data Templates in EasyPower

    Data Collection, Part 1 - What Data to Collect

    MCC Modelign Options in EasyPower

    Active Arc Flash Mitigation

    Arc Flash Labeling for Standby Generators

    DC Arc Flash in EasyPower

    NFPA-70E Most FAQ

    Error Checking in EasyPower

    Arc Flash Mitigation Techniques

    EasyPower OnSite Introduction

    Data Collection Templates in EasyPower

    Watch Earlier Refresher Webinars

    Short Circuit Studies

    Easy Controls, Scenario Manager

    Power Flow Refresher

    Sequence of Events

    Panel Data Entry

    Coordination - PowerProtector (Part 1)

    Coordination - TCC Curves A (Part 2)

    Coordination - TCC Curves B (Part 3)

    Coordination - Custom TCCs (Part 4)

    Coordination - Wrap up session (Part 5)

    Arc Flash Refresher (Part 1)

    Arc Flash Refresher (Part 2)

    Arc Flash Refresher (Part 3)

    SmartDesign Intro

    Dynamic Stability Refresher

    Symmetrical/Asymm Short Circuit

    SmartPDC Intro

    Transient Motor Starting Refresher

    SmartDuty Improves Short Circuit

    MCC Modeling in EasyPower Onelines

    Before starting a PDC Review

    Arc Flash Label Synergy - 5 Year Labels

    Trip Devices in MCC Panels

    Dynamic Stability is PowerFlow on Steroids

    Modeling a Busway System in EasyPower

    What Happened to HRC Cat #0

    Name Plate Data Collection

    Infinite Utility Source Refresher

    Watch a series of short videos that cover the basics of EasyPower functionality as well as arc flash label printing.

    EasyPower Introduction

    This overview explores key features for creating one-lines, arc flash hazard analysis, sizing equipment per NEC code, and other power system design and analysis functions.

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    The EasyPower Advantage - Benefits and Features

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    In quick 3 to 10 minute videos learn how to perform the most complex tasks with these EasyPower tutorials. These focus on specific topics to help you learn exactly what you need to know.

    How to Build One-Line Diagrams

    Build a One Line Diagram

    One-Lines - Insert Subsystems

    One Line Diagram - Insert Subsystem

    One-Lines - Data Entry

    One Line Diagram - Data Entry

    One-Lines - Data Entry (Cont.)

    One Line Diagram - Data Entry, Continued

    1, 2, or 3 Phase Loads in EasyPower

    1, 2, or 3 Phase Loads

    Multi-function Relays

    Multi Function Relays

    Arc Flash Hazard Label videos

    Learn some of the Arc Flash Hazard Label functionality available in EasyPower since version 9.5.

    Arc Flash Label Setup & Printing

    Arc Flash Label Setup and Printing

    Arc Flash Labels - Custom Design

    Arc Flash Labels Custom Design

    AF Labels - Conditional Formatting

    Arc Flash Labels Conditional Formatting

    Watch videos of older webinars (older than 2 months) - the most recent are at the bottom. Go to the Webinar page to sign up for the next webinar live. Follow along with the videos after you Download a Free Demo Now

    Past Webinars

    Arc Flash - Adv. Options 1

    Arc Flash Advanced Options - Part 1

    Power Flow in EasyPower - Pt 1

    Power Flow In EasyPower - Part 1

    Arc Flash Hazard Reduction

    Arc Flash Hazard Reduction

    Intro to Harmonics

    Intro To Harmonics

    Power Flow in EasyPower - Pt 2

    Power Flow Part 2

    Intro to Dynamic Stability

    Intro To Dynamic Stability

    Arc Flash Hazard Reports

    Arc Flash Hazard Reports

    Arc Flash Label Design & Printing

    Arc Flash Label Design and Printing

    Motor Starting - Part 2

    Motor Starting Part 2

    Equipment Duty Calculations - Low Voltage

    Low Voltage Equipment Duty Calculations

    EasyControl: Drawings & Named Views

    EasyControl Drawings and Named Views

    Harmonics IEEE 519 Standard

    Harmonics IEEE 519 Standard

    Arc Flash - Adv. Options 2

    Arc Flash Adv Options - Part 2

    EasyPower Schedules & Elevations

    EasyPower Schedules and Elevations

    Advanced Harmonics

    Advanced Harmonics

    Cascade Steel - Customer Success Story

    Cascade Steel Customer Story

    Tim's slides (large download)

    Power Flow Convergence Issues

    Power Flow Convergence

    Chris' slides (PDF download)

    Beliefs Drive Electrical Safety Behavior

    Beliefs Drive Electrical Safety Behavior

    Electrical Power Engineering

    Electrical Power Engineering
    Chris' slides & files (ZIP download)

    EasyPower 9.6 Release

    EasyPower 96 Release

    SmartPDC - Auto Coordination

    SmartPDC - Auto Coordination in EasyPower

    DC System Analysis in EasyPower

    DC system analysis in EasyPower

    Generator Protection

    easypower generator protection video

    Harmonic Notch Filters

    Harmonics Notch Filters

    Molded Case Circuit Breaker Basics

    Molded Case Circuit Breaker Basics
    Dave's slides (pptx download)

    Intro to ECCM - Change Management

    Intro to ECCM - Change Management

    Garbage In/Garbage Out - Data Collection

    Garbage In Garbage Out - Data Collection

    IEC Short Circuit in EasyPower

    IEC Short Circuit in EasyPower

    OSHA & Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

    Osha  and Arc Flash

    Arc Flash in Latin America (Spanish)

    Ground Fault Protection

    Claudio's slides (PDF download)

    Renewable Energy (part 1)

    Go to Part 2

    Transformer Protection in EasyPower

    Transformer Protection Video

    Symmetrical Components

    Dave's slides (PDF download)

    Using SmartDesign™ in EasyPower

    Conditional Arc Flash Labels

    Labeling for Arc Flash Hazards

    Harmonics in Renewable Energy (Part 2)

    Go to Part 1

    Advanced Coordination Topics

    Dave's PowerPoint presentation

    Renewable Energy (part 1)

    Go to Part 2

    Transformer Protection in EasyPower

    Transformer Protection Video

    Secondary Networks in Distribution 1

    Importing SKM® files into Easypower files

    Auto. Sel. Coordination of Circuit Breakers

    Canadian approach to arc flash - IN FRENCH

    Real Benefits of Maintaining a Study
    Garbage In Gargabe Out - Part 2

    Electrical Safety Standards

    Harmonic Filters - IEEE 1531 Overview

    Pablo's sample files (Zip download)

    C-Type Harmonic Filters - Arc Furnace Facilities

    Canadian Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

    Andrew's presentation (PDF)

    Breaker Basics

    breaker basics in easypower
    Edward's slides (PPT download)

    SmartDesign Features & Capabilities

    SmartDesign Features and Capabilities