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To view EasyPower 8.0 videos, please click here.

EasyPower Introduction

This overview explores key features for creating one-lines, arc flash hazard analysis, sizing equipment per NEC code, and other power system design and analysis functions.

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In quick 3 to 10 minute videos learn how to perform the most complex tasks with these EasyPower tutorials. These focus on specific topics to help you learn exactly what you need to know.

How to Build One-Line Diagrams

One-Lines - Insert Subsystems

One-Lines - Data Entry

One-Lines - Data Entry (Cont.)

1, 2, or 3 Phase Loads in EasyPower

Multi-function Relays

Arc Flash Hazard Label videos

Learn some of the Arc Flash Hazard Label functionality available in EasyPower since version 9.5.

Arc Flash Label Setup & Printing

Arc Flash Labels - Custom Design

AF Labels - Conditional Formatting

Watch in-depth videos covering a variety of topics and skill levels - the most recent are at the bottom. Go to the Training page to sign up for the next Thursday webinar live. Follow along with the videos after you Download a Free Demo Now

Device Coordination Webinar

Short Circuit Calculations

Arc Flash - Adv. Options 1

SmartDesign Features & Capabilities

Protective Device Coordination - Intro

Harmonic Notch Filters

Power Flow in EasyPower - Pt 1

Transient Motor Starting - Pt 1

Arc Flash Hazard Reduction

Intro to Harmonics

Power Flow in EasyPower - Pt 2

Intro to Dynamic Stability

Arc Flash Hazard Reports

Arc Flash Label Design & Printing

Motor Starting - Part 2

Equipment Duty Calculations - Low Voltage

EasyControl: Drawings & Named Views

Harmonics IEEE 519 Standard

Arc Flash - Adv. Options 2

EasyPower Schedules & Elevations

Advanced Harmonics - Part 1

Cascade Steel - Customer Success Story

Tim's slides (large download)

Arc Flash Mitigation with Fuses

Peter's slides (PDF download)

Power Flow Convergence Issues

Chris' slides (PDF download)

Beliefs Drive Electrical Safety Behavior

Transformer Protection in EasyPower

Power Engineering - Part 1

Chris' slides & files (ZIP download)

EasyPower 9.6 Release

SmartPDC - Auto Coordination

DC System Anlysis in EasyPower

Generator Protection