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Harmonic Filter Design Concepts - Harmonics Part 2

This session, taught by Paul B. Steciuk of Northeast Power Systems Inc, dives into key concepts in the design, construction, application and modeling of medium-voltage (2.4kV 38kV) harmonic filters commonly used in mining, oil/gas, chemical, industrial, and renewable power systems. Key concepts covered include: installed kVar versus effective kVar, single-tuned and multi-tuned harmonic filters, Steps Vs. Stages, why use stepped banks, filter sequencing, C-High-Pass (C-HP) filters, High-Pass (HP) filters, Notch (N) filters, their application, and when to use them, Q-factor, tuning point, choice of tuning point, component selection and rating, iron-core versus air core-reactors and how to specify them, as well as protection and control concepts as also covered.

Spreadsheet filter design tools will also be provided to facilitate the proper selection and verification of reactor, resistor, fuse, and capacitor component ratings. These specially-designed tools also assist with determining key filter parameter data required by EasyPower and help with their ratings.

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