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C-Type Harmonic Filters for Arc Furnace Facilities

Arc furnace installations are notorious for having some of the most unconventional power quality problems in any application. Reactive power compensation is extremely important for many reasons in this kind of facilities, but it can also be a more complex affair than installing traditional notch filters because of the uncharacteristic harmonics present due to the arc furnace itself.

Using EasyPower, we will learn how a C-type filter works, what its purpose is and a simplified approach on how to correctly size a C/type filterís components.

About Pablo: Electrical engineer with over 8 years of experience in power quality problems, harmonic filter design and greatly interested in industrial electrical systems protection. Professional and personal interest in MatLab and VBA programming.

About Encos: Mexican Company focused on power quality issues, energy saving projects and arc flash related studies. EasyPower reseller in Mexico and Dominican Republic. Schneiderís EcoXpert partner and certified Power Monitoring Expert installer and distributor.

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