EasyPower's Coronavirus Responses

EasyPower is modifying our event schedule to postpone or convert to vitrual event, until the danger is over and people are confortable traveling again. In the meantime we remain committed to maintain the same level of customer support that you have grown used to. 

Events Changed to Live, Web-Based

Out of concern for our customers and employees who would need to travel for these events, we are modifying all in-person Regional Training and Arc Flash Workshops through at least the early fall. These events will be converted to either web-based events or rescheduled for later. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • August 10-14, 2020 | Live Web-Based Regional Training (converted Portland, OR training).  This is the online version of our week-long live web-based training seminar. If you have any questions, contact your salesperson or email sales@easypower.com.
  • Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2020 | Live Web-Based Training (converted Covington KY [Cincinnati]).  This is the online version of our week-long live web-based training seminar. If you have any questions, contact your salesperson or email sales@easypower.com.
  • August 19, 2020 | Live, Interactive Online Arc Flash Workshops. This is an online version of our traveling arc flash workshop and runs from 10:00am to 2:30pm (Eastern Time), with a 30 min. lunch break. Attendees can interact and ask questions. Email nicole@easypower.com if you are interested in attending. Individuals who are interested in this content can sign up for the 4-part Arc Flash webinar series.

Continued Exceptional Customer Support

EasyPower has all the necessary infrastructure in place to provide exceptional service to our customers for their technical support, sales, and accounting needs, whether our employees are in the office or working remotely. Our workplace policies emphasize the safety of our employees and community while continuing to provide the same high level of quality service and support that our customers expect. Email an EasyPower Engineer at support@easypower.com. Email a sales representative at sales@easypower.com.

Work-From-Home Resources

If your work-at-home schedule during this health and economic crisis allows for time to improve your skills and advance your knowledge, be sure to take advantage of the many resources we offer. These resources are available to you anytime, and include:

  • Customers who normally have access to EasyPower licenses at work but can't access them due to work-from-home restrictions, can contact us for fully functional temp licenses. Contact sales@easypower.com if this applies to you.
  • Free demo of our EasyPower power system analysis software
  • Free Arc Flash resource downloads
  • Extensive video library - nearly 150 videos covering many topics such as arc flash, device coordination, short circuit, harmonics, grounding, etc. Once you follow the link, you can select a topic using the drop-down menu on the right. We have the largest video library in the industry!
  • Live webinars - we have 7 live webinars this month. Check out the list below.

Facilitating Customers in Stay-at-Home Situations

A professor at the University of Osijek in Croatia who normally uses EasyPower to teach a Power Systems Analysis class is home-bound but can teach his courses online. His students can use our software on their own laptops because they have their own licenses (i.e. not tied up on a lab computer), and the professor is using our technical videos (see video library above) as part of his curriculum.