EasyPower Premium Maintenance

EasyPower Premium Maintenance is designed to get you up and running quickly, if you are a new customer, and keep you up to date in your training, if you are an experienced user of EasyPower software. It includes comprehensive software training, expert help with building your first one-line, and a professional review by one of our experienced engineering consultants.

Benefits of EasyPower Premium Maintenance

1. Excluding weekends.   2. Also included in regular maintenance.

For an additional 5% up front, you get our free one-on-one PowerStart session, free online training, 50% off hands-on classroom training and a number of free engineering consulting hours, enabling you to have your first study reviewed by an experienced power engineer. This represents a typical savings of over $3000, which far outweighs the package cost.

We’re With You From Start to Finish

EasyPower Premium Maintenance Comparison

Technical Support Response within 4 business hours2 Response within 4 business hours2
Software Upgrades 1-2 per year, including all device library updates 1-2 per year, including all device library updates
Regional Training 10% discount 50% discount
Online Training No discount Included - no additional cost
1:1 Engineering Consulting Support Not included ($200/hr) 0.5 to 28 hours provided annually at no cost3
Maintenance Cost 10% of software list price 15% of software list price

1. Excluding weekends.   2. Excluding weekends.   3. Per license.

Why choose the premium option?

Top Reason: With Premium Maintenance, you get a much greater value in free engineering consulting and discounted/free training than the amount you spend to upgrade! Using the example below, you spend $500 to upgrade and get $800 in included 1:1 engineering consulting and $1,100–$2,350 in training benefits.

If you anticipate the need for assistance from an experienced power systems engineer on your project and/or you plan to take in-person or online training, Premium Maintenance can be a great value.

Here’s an example to illustrate the benefits.  Let’s say your license configuration is: ANSI Short Circuit, PowerProtector, ArcFlash, and SmartPDC, with a 300 bus limitation.  You attend one 5-day training class and another person in the office takes the online training. You also need an experienced power systems engineer to review your one-line and discuss your arc flash results and the implementation of your safety program, which takes 4.0 hours of back and forth discussion and reviews.  See the table below for a summary of the costs:

Regional Training $1,980 $1,100
Online Training $1,250 $0.00
1:1 Engineering Consulting Support $800 $0.00
Maintenance Cost $1,000 $1,500
TOTAL COST $5,030 $2,600

Clearly the Premium Option can save you money, and there is no need to get a PO approved for the additional 1:1 support later when you need it.  

  • The standard level of maintenance is provided for the first year after purchase at no cost.  You can upgrade to the premium option by paying the difference of 5%.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your support level when your maintenance contract is renewed.
  • Consulting support hours must be used within the year of the maintenance contract in which they are purchased.
  • Engineering time needs to be scheduled.
  • Only EasyPower licenses are eligible for the premium maintenance plan.