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Thousands of companies have come to rely on EasyPower for developing sound and compliant arc flash programs. Given OSHA regulations and workplace safety concerns, it is now a top safety priority for many more in the industry.

Tap into EasyPower’s easy-to-use ArcFlash™ solutions to complete and manage your arc flash initiative.

EasyPower Software Tiers That Include Arc Flash

Arc Flash | Design, Analyze and Comply

Get the most comprehensive productivity configuration for conducting arc flash analysis and ensuring full compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements. Whether you’re designing electrical power systems, analyzing arc flash hazards, or implementing an electrical safety program, this is the software configuration for you. You can calculate results up to 800kV, with no additional cost.

Professional Tier

The Professional Tier is the most common EasyPower product for arc flash professionals who need to perform analysis of the electrical power systems, including short circuit, protection and coordination, arc flash, and power flow. Quickly and easily create detailed one-line diagrams, perform arc flash hazard calculations, print arc flash labels, and maintain system and safety documentation—all in one place.

  • Improve and maintain the safety of your electrical system operations
  • Perform short circuit and arc flash analysis
  • Print arc flash labels
  • Ensure safety and reliability with comprehensive protective device coordination
  • Comply with NFPA, NEC, ANSI, IEC, and CSA standards and regulations
  • Prevent dangerous and costly electrical hazards
  • Provides you the ability to add Transient Motor Starting and Dynamic Stability analysis capabilties
  • Ideal for those who need a fully featured tool to perform arc flash analysis and other common electrical power system analysis

Standard Tier

The Standard Tier is similar to the Professional Tier but simplified for users who don’t need Power Flow or additional dynamic analysis add-ons.

Advanced Tier

The Advanced Tier includes all of the features of the Professional Tier and also includes the ability to perform harmonic analyses, design harmonic filters, and generate harmonic compliance reports for IEEE 519 and IEEE 2800.

Bus Options
ArcFlash Pro™ Bundle is available in 100, 300, 1000, 5000, and Unlimited bus configurations.

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