Spectrum™ Features

Comprehensive Harmonics Computations

  • Both integer and non-integer harmonics supported

  • View flows of an individual harmonic current (i.e. 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th … 50th) directly on the one-line

  • The source of this individual harmonic current can be from all harmonic-producing equipment in the system or from a user-specified current injection at a bus

  • Troubleshoot resonant areas and determine the cause of high total harmonic distortion (THD) currents

  • Triplen harmonics modeled as either zero sequence or positive sequence

  • Full long line simulation including hyperbolic correction

  • Skin effect simulated with two common approaches

Frequency Scan Plots

  • Shows resonant and natural filter conditions

  • Positive and zero-sequence scans

  • Impedance bus scans (ohms or per-unit)

  • Current for non-bus scans (amps or per-unit)

  • Full customization capabilities including: quantity of items to plot, colors, fonts, ranges, copying/pasting of graphics, and save options

  • Allows 1–10 plots with multiple Y axes

Detailed Library of Harmonic-Producing Equipment

  • DC or inverter drive systems, arc and induction furnaces, switch-mode power supplies, rectifiers, PWM drives, fluorescent lighting, and welders

  • Full customization ability to add/modify harmonic-producing equipment

  • All equipment is modeled by injection of harmonic currents into the system

  • EasyPower loads, motors, MCCs, and panels can be specified as harmonic-producing sources

Detailed Harmonic Filter Modeling

  • Model notch, 1st order, 2nd order, or 3rd order filters

  • Detailed reporting for filter-component harmonic calculations

IEEE 519 Verification

  • Current-demand distortion comparison for odd and even harmonic orders, and TDD

  • Voltage THD comparison

Complete Summation Output on the One-Line

  • Reports ITHD, IRSS, IT Product (for telephone interference)

  • VTHD, VRSS, VTIF (for telephone interference), VSUM

  • Transformer K-factor and C57.110 de-rating, conductor de-rating, and losses

True One-Line Integration

  • Total integration of all voltage and current harmonics and their effect on electrical equipment, including harmonic overloads, losses, and K-factor requirements

  • Problem areas are highlighted on the one-line, eliminating time-consuming guesswork

Spectrum also includes Integrated One-Line, SmartBreaker™, ScenarioManager™, MCC and Panel Schedules, and SendCAD™.

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