IEC ShortCircuit™ Features

Determine Equipment Ratings

  • Switchgear, breakers, switches, fuses, busway, and more

Full Compliance

  • Meet IEC 60909 (short-circuit calculations), IEC-56 and IEC-62271 (HV breakers), IEC-947-2 (LV breakers), and IEC-127 (fuses)

Fault Analysis | Any Voltage or Fault

  • For low-, medium-, and high-voltage systems

  • 3-phase, line-line, line-ground, and double-line-ground faults

  • Line-out faults for all fault types

AC and DC Decrement

  • Provides accurate NACD (no AC current decay) ratios for generator AC decay

  • Induction motors decremented using “q” multiplier

  • Grouped or individual load models

  • Provides critical relay setting and troubleshooting information

  • X/R ratios calculated using the “characteristic current” method (Giuseppe Parise—a new approach to calculate decaying AC contributions to short circuits: the characteristic current method, IEEE IAS Vol 31, No.1 Jan/Feb 1995.)

Powerful Reports | Automatically Generated

  • Detailed momentary (Ik"), and breaking currents (interrupting duty Ib) at 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, and 0.25 seconds

One-Line View

  • View one-line results for any phase (A, B, C) or sequence component including ground


  • Expert system equipment duty verification

  • Line-side and load-side faults guarantee accurate equipment duties

  • More details


  • Expert system for opening and closing breakers, fuses, or switches

  • True power system simulation for short-circuit analysis

  • More details

IEC ShortCircuit also includes Integrated One-Line, SmartBreaker™, ScenarioManager™, MCC and Panel Schedules, and SendCAD™.

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