EasyPower 10.0 Update Release Notes

EasyPower LLC is excited to announce our release of EasyPower 10.0! This release includes new features and improvements to your EasyPower software.

The following are New & Enhanced Features in EasyPower 10.0:

To view a detailed list of changes and fixes, go to the 10.0 details page.

Details regarding EasyPower 10.0.2 - Service Pack 2 can be found here.

IEC-60909 in Short Circuit and Coordination

EasyPower’s short circuit calculations now include expanded support for the IEC-60909 standard. There are new system options for IEC, new and improved IEC calculations, and new terminology that reflects the IEC standard. Equipment dialog boxes and reports have been modified to include new IEC fields. Support for IEC symbols has been enhanced using the new Custom Symbols feature described below. The Equipment Palette, Insert tab, one-line diagrams, and right-click context menu now display IEC symbols when the IEC symbol option is selected. Metric options have been expanded. See Short Circuit Reference (IEC) for more information on IEC short circuit analysis.

EasyPower’s Coordination focus now supports integration with IEC Short Circuit. TCC plots and remote voltage and current calculations are now available. See Tutorial - Protective Device Coordination (IEC) for more information.

Figure 1-1: IEC Short Circuit Options

Figure 1-2: IEC Short Circuit Reports

Figure 1-3: IEC Options in Short Circuit

Figure 1-4: IEC Options in Relay Data

Custom One-line Text and Equipment Data

You now have much more control over the text that appears next to the equipment symbols on your one-lines. You can choose what equipment properties and text to use and the order in which it appears. Several options for text visibility are now controlled using the custom text feature. See Customizing the One-line Text for more information.

Figure 1-5: One-line Text Tab

Custom One-line Symbols

New templates have been added that enable you to manually adjust your equipment symbols using XML. You can use File Locations to control which templates are used for new one-lines. See Customizing One-line Symbols for more information.

Figure 1-6: One-line Symbols Tab

OnSite Enhancements

We have made improvements to the process for importing OnSite files into EasyPower one-lines, including an improved one-line layout and better equipment matching.

2018 NFPA 70E

We have made updates to arc flash approach boundaries, PPE levels, and have added the ability to display incident energy in joules/cm2. The device library has been updated to reference the new 70E tables.

Chinese EasyPower Version

EasyPower is now available in a translated version for Chinese. Both the user interface and the product documentation have been translated. This effort paves the way for future language translations. Contact sales@easypower.com for more information.

Figure 1-7: Chinese EasyPower

And much more!
For more details on the release, features, enhancements, and bug fix information, see the EasyPower 10.0 Release Details.

Note: New release features often include changes to the database. This may affect what you see in the Database Browser and also what is included when you export data into CSV files. If your existing work processes rely on information from the database, be sure to review your processes after you update your software.

10.0 SP2 Release Notes

Arc Flash



Equipment Data

Export to DXF


Imported Data

One-line Display and Printing






Short Circuit

Transient Motor Starting


Additional Release Information

Updating from Within EasyPower

If you have a stand-alone license (and not a network license), you can update your software from within EasyPower by selecting Tools > Update. If you are using a network license, you should use the manual update outlined below - download and then activate the software.

Activating Your New Software

Your authorization code has been sent to the registered user at your company. This code will be needed when downloading the update outside of the EasyPower software.

Installation Details 

As mentioned above, you will need a serial number to download the update, and the authorization code to install the new version of the EasyPower software. Both of these were sent to the registered (primary) user at your company.

EasyPower updates are accessible to all EasyPower users with a current maintenance contract.

Please note the following comments associated with this release:

Files will be installed to the following locations:

Important: If you are installing on a network, you must perform the server installation and activation BEFORE you install and activate EasyPower on your client computers.

Technical Assistance

Please call us at +1(503) 655-5059 option 3, or email support@easypower.com, if you need any assistance or have technical questions.  To give us feedback on the EasyPower 10.0 release, please email feedback@easypower.com.

The EasyPower knowledge base has additional solutions to help you use EasyPower to solve your electrical problems.

Technical Help - Finding your serial number

You will need your serial number to log into the updates page. If you are not aware of your serial number, there are three ways to find it:

Historical Release Notes

Here is a list of historical release notes as well as update details, for more recent versions.