EasyPower Training

EasyPower offers convenient training options to accommodate various topics, schedules, learning styles, and skill levels. When it comes to implementing an effective arc flash safety initiative at your facility, quality training is crucial.

If you are not currently using EasyPower, download a free demo version of the software and sign up for one of these classes or view the videos available in our video library.

Regional Training

EasyPower offers convenient training options to accommodate various topics, schedules, learning styles, and skill levels. When it comes to implementing an effective arc flash safety initiative at your facility, quality training is crucial.

Class Details and Registration

Registration Closes January 22, 2018 or when class is full
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Registration Closes March 5, 2018 or when class is full
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Registration Closes July 16, 2018 or when class is full
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Registration Closes September 17, 2018 or when class is full
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Registration Closes November 5, 2018 or when class is full
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Regional EasyPower Hands-On Training | 5 Days to Expert

Held in different cities throughout the year, our five-day Regional Training will help you get the most out of EasyPower®. Choose any or all of the three courses below.

Regional Training

Course Topic Covered Days
EasyPower® Hands-On EasyPower overview and features, one-line development, MCCs and panel schedules, application of ShortCircuit™, PowerFlow™ overview, sample cases and applications. Earn 1.2 CEUs. 2
PDC with PowerProtector™ Overview of PowerProtector™ for protective device coordination studies, proper system coordination and increased reliability, time-current curves. Earn 0.6 CEUs. 1
Arc Flash
Hazard Analysis
Overview of NFPA 70E and IEEE-1584, PPE requirements, arc flash studies, hands-on EasyPower ArcFlash, and more. Earn 1.0 CEUs. 2


Additional Training Options

Announcing! EasyPower Online Training

We are pleased to announce our new EasyPower Online Training program! These online courses give you the opportunity to learn EasyPower at your convenience. The EasyPower Hands-On course is available now, with more courses to follow.

This course is based on the regional training seminars we conduct around the US and Canada and is designed to be a “hands-on” learning experience with the EasyPower® software analysis program. It provides you with the necessary tools for immediate benefits for your own power system analysis and designs.

EasyPower 10.0 Hands-On Online Class

  • Creating one-lines in EasyPower
  • Most commonly used circuit elements
  • Switchgear and subsystems
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Equipment duty
  • The EasyPower device library
  • SmartDesign
  • Power flow analysis
  • Scenario Manager
  • Database Report and Database Browser
  • Options and equipment defaults
  • MCC and panel schedules
  • Customizing one-line text
  • Custom symbol basics
  • Additional details on the registration page
  • Earn 0.5 CEUs

Course Contents

This class covers content presented during the first two days of our regional training seminar - EasyPower Hands-On. The online course covering Protective Device Coordination will be available soon, followed by the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis course. Click the Register link below to get started. Pricing for the course is $500.00

Learn more and register here

Weekly Webinars, alternating Tuesday and Thursday

  • Tuesday (8:00am PST - 2 to 4 times per month) - Refresher/beginner series, various topics including our 4 week arc flash series given once per quarter
  • Thursday (10:00am PST - every other week) - Topics vary, both beginner and advanced level
  • See schedule and login information
  • Recordings of past webinars

Engineering Support | Web-Based and Personal

Need help completing your own arc flash study? Want to advance your EasyPower skills? Do you learn better in a one-on-one setting? Consider our Web-based training.

Using the latest online meeting tool, an EasyPower engineer will show you how to perform specific tasks that you request—in real time. You won’t even have to leave your desk! Learn how Engineering Support can personalize a Web-based program for you.

More EasyPower Training Programs

Explore our customizable and convenient Client Site training options.
Keep your plant personnel safe with the latest arc flash training.

Industry-Partner Training Programs

Some of the most respected firms in the industry also offer excellent training programs to support your ongoing safety and engineering initiatives.

BrainFiller Technical Training Group - Jim Phillips
Course List

Quadrelec - Charles Pratt
Quadrelec Power System Protection Training Options

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Client Site Training

What, When, and Where You Need It

Our trainer will come to your facility for Client Site training, which offers a cost-effective way for multiple attendees to learn the powerful features of EasyPower. We can tailor a program to meet your specific needs, or you can simply choose the regional PowerClass 5-day curriculum.

Either way, attendees will benefit from the hands-on exercises, performing actual tasks for real-world power system modeling and analysis.

Our most popular Client Site training typically runs 5 days in a classroom setting. However, we can provide a two- or three-day overview of specific topics you select. Simply decide how many days and the course topics, and our professional trainer will maximize the time available to teach what is most important to your company.

A Sample Curriculum | 3 to 5 Days Client Site
EasyPower One-Line & ShortCircuit™

  • EasyPower overview
  • EasyPower functions and features
  • Field data collection and information gathering
  • Hands-on development of one-line and database
  • Motor control centers and panel schedules
  • Application of ShortCircuit and PowerFlow analysis
  • Sample cases and applications

Protective Device Coordination with EasyPower PowerProtector™

  • Application of PowerProtector for protective device coordination studies
  • Time-current curves (TCCs)
  • Relays, solid-state trips, thermal-magnetic trips, fuses, and more
  • Protection boundaries

Arc Flash Hazard with EasyPower ArcFlash™

  • Arc flash causes and impacts
  • Overview of NFPA 70E and IEEE-1584 standards and recommended practices
  • Hands-on application of EasyPower ArcFlash
  • Arc flash hazard analysis with various system configurations including bus ties, generators, high impedance grounding, current limiting fuses and breakers, motor contribution, long feeders, and more
  • CEU-qualifying credits may be available – ask how

Contact us today to customize a training solution for your engineers and plant personnel.

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Arc Flash Safety Training

Arc Flash Hazard Awareness | Client Site

Our professional staff can provide critical safety training at your facility to ensure plant personnel’s understanding of how to prevent dangerous arc flash hazards.

Convenient Client Site training is offered in a classroom setting to as many students as needed. Multiple classes, held over a few days, are available to accommodate large groups.


Choose to cover the basics of the curriculum in 16 hours, or in greater depth:

  • Overview of NFPA 70E and IEEE-1584 standards and recommended practices
  • Elements of a comprehensive electrical safety program and integration of arc flash hazard initiatives
  • System configuration and operation changes and the impact to arc flash hazard calculations (using EasyPower examples) to help personnel understand that changing system configurations, protective device settings, equipment, or operation modes can impact arc flash calculations
  • Application of EasyPower® ArcFlash™ energized work permits for safe work practices and procedures
  • Arc flash hazard personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • PPE application demonstration

Pricing is based on the number of total attendees and days our trainers would be onsite. Please contact us for more details.

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