EasyPower Software for University Electrical Engineering Departments

The purpose of our University version is to provide professors and their students with access to state-of-the-art engineering software as part of their educational experience. Educational institutions can take advantage of this service by submitting a letter on their institutions' letterhead stating the following details:

  1. The name and description of the course where EasyPower will be used.

  2. The approximate number of students who will be taught using this software.

  3. Also include a signed copy of the EasyPower University License Agreement (below).

Please submit this information to

Upon receipt, we will issue a master key and authorization code to the professor for his/her copy, which is downloaded from our website. The professor will then provide this master key to his/her students to be entered at our website, along with their name and email. Their email domain must match the professor's email domain. The student will then be issued a unique license code along with a download link.

The software must be used for educational purposes only. By signing the license agreement, the institution ensures that no analysis of the university's electrical system or any other professional services will be performed using this software.

The following modules, with a 25 bus limitation, are included in this version: Short Circuit, Power Flow, Arc Flash, Protection and Coordination, Reliability, Harmonics, Dynamic Stability, and Transient Motor Starting.

If you teach power systems courses to undergraduate or graduate students, please contact us at to find out how to receive this free software for you and your students.