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Electrical Engineering Services

Engineering Studies

EasyPower delivers expert electrical engineering services for all aspects of electrical power systems, including:

  • Consulting services
  • Detailed studies
  • Planning
  • Operation
  • Preventative failure analysis

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Engineering Support

Live Support from EasyPower Engineers

For the ultimate in personal attention, let one of our expert engineers walk you through EasyPower in live Web-based support sessions. You will be able to see their monitor as they work on your files—without leaving your desk.

Learn how to perform specific tasks while getting real work done, tackling your actual files with an EasyPower expert. You can schedule time to:

  • Review topics of your choice
  • Draw on EasyPower consultants' electrical engineering expertise
  • Collaborate on your own files, such as arc flash studies
  • Master EasyPower’s latest features
  • Develop one-lines and databases
  • Perform arc flash calculations and analysis
  • Create energized work permits
  • Print arc flash warning labels

How It Works

Using the latest online meeting tool, an EasyPower engineer will show you (and up to one colleague) how to perform the specific tasks you request—in real time. After purchasing engineering support services, the process is quite simple:

  1. Schedule an engineering support session
  2. Email the file(s) you need help with
  3. Email the topic(s) you want to cover
  4. Answer the phone at the scheduled time
  5. Click on a website link
  6. Watch our engineer actually work on your files
  7. Simultaneously ask questions and discuss the tasks
  8. Learn from the comfort of your own office

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Powerful Training Options

EasyPower offers information-packed seminars for arc flash safety and more. Explore how we accommodate various schedules, learning styles, and skill levels with our convenient training options.

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