About Us

Innovating Since 1984

Since our inception in 1984, we’ve been redefining how companies manage, design, and analyze their electrical power distribution. We continue to develop unprecedented technologies to make it simpler, smarter, and safer—driven by an unyielding commitment to deliver cutting-edge power system software that’s inherently easy to use.

Organizations throughout the world use our advanced—yet simple—software tools to safeguard their valuable resources of time, money, and personnel. Oil refineries, power utilities, paper and pulp manufacturers, military installations, data centers, and a host of others rely on EasyPower to keep their power systems running safely and smoothly. 

From plant personnel to the most experienced electrical engineers, EasyPower users continually rave about its simplicity and power.

Our family of products includes the EasyPower® suite, ArcFlash Essentials™, OnSite™, and OneLine Designer™, as well as our grounding calculation solution, XGSLab, for which we are the exclusive reseller in the United States and Canada. We also provide training for EasyPower and electrical safety in general, in addition to offering a full range of engineering services.

A Team of Dedicated Experts

Having some of the industry’s best and brightest has enabled us to deliver the easiest, fastest, and most reliable power system software available on the market.

EasyPower electrical engineers and software programers are constantly challenging themselves to push the limits of technology to see where it takes them—and more importantly, you. 

How To Contact Us

EasyPower Customer Service

EasyPower's Sales Team is available to meet all of your customer service needs:

  • Provide free demos
  • Provide pricing information
  • Customize a software package to meet your specific engineering needs
  • Provide answers regarding upgrades, maintenance contracts, and key replacements

If you need Engineering Services, we are happy to process your Request for Proposal from our Consulting Team. Or, if you have Training Questions, we'll gladly answer those as well.

Contact us by email at sales@easypower.com

Contact us electronically by using our Contact Form, or reach us with our address or phone number here:
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EasyPower Technical Support

Have a software question? Our in-house experts can address all things related to EasyPower.

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