EasyPower® 10.5 Now Available!

This release includes new, simplified arc flash labels, better setting and preserving analysis options, auto-calculate for cables and busways, exporting TCCs to a single file, enhanced find options, improved one-line layout, and more. More Info


Latest Updates

EasyPower Power System Software

With the fastest processing speeds on the market, EasyPower delivers instantaneous, accurate results to help you make more intelligent decisions.

EasyPower Product Features

 The EasyPower product features delivers a full lineup of powerful Windows®-based electrical software tools for intelligently designing, analyzing, and monitoring electrical power systems. You can build your own package, based on your needs:

  • ArcFlash™ – confidently meet OSHA and NFPA 70E regulations and arc flash safety program requirements
  • ShortCircuit, ANSI & IEC – instantly verify protective device and equipment ratings for ANSI, NEC, NFPA 70E, and IEC 60909 compliance
  • Protection & Coordination – accurately ensure safety and reliability with comprehensive protective device coordination
  • PowerFlow™ – intelligently optimize voltage, current, and load flows to minimize system downtime
  • Harmonics – effortlessly identify and mitigate harmonic and power-quality problems
  • For a full list of features and modules - Click Here

EasyPower Software Bundles

EasyPower offers convenient bundles that offer a significant discount, if purchased together.

  • ArcFlash Bundle - Everything you need to create and implement a comprehensive and fully compliant arc flash safety program.
  • Professional Bundle - This bundle includes everything in the ArcFlash Bundle and adds the abiltiy to do harmonics and transient motor starting analysis, as well as automatic equipment sizing.
  • Premium Bundle - This bundle our most comprehensive productivity configuration. It adds the ability to so dynamic stability and relaibility analysis, as well as integrate your electrical model data with Autodesk Revit.

 Watch this overview video to learn more.

XGSLab Grounding Solution

EasyPower is pleased to offer XGSLab, a full feature grounding solution including multilayer and multizone soil models, capacitive and inductive coupling, below and above ground systems, as well as frequency and time domain calculations. All this comes at a fraction of the base price and cost-of-ownership of other full feature packages.



EasyPower Suites EasyPower ArcFlash Solutions Base Package XGSLab Grounding Software EasyPower OnSite

Why Choose EasyPower?

With the fastest processing speeds on the market, EasyPower delivers instantaneous, accurate results to help you make more intelligent decisions. EasyPower is the smart, fast and accurate solution for your arc flash hazard analysis software.

  • Fastest modeling and processing speeds on the market
  • Easiest to learn - get new people up to speed quickly
  • Receive detailed, critical reports automatically
  • World class support with fast turn around
  • Comply with NEC rules and ANSI standards
  • Comply with IEC standards for short circuit and protection


News & Updates

EasyPower’s Log4j Vulnerability Statement

EasyPower's comprehensive audit concluded that it's products and third-party vendors do not use Apache’s Log4j software library CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046, and CVE-2021-45105 in any form. Users are unaffected and no remediation is required.



EasyPower® Acquires DesignBase™ Software

EasyPower LLC has acquired the Paladin DesignBase and other software products from Power Analytics Global. The acquisition includes the following software products, as well as the intellectual property and patents associated with them.



XGSLab - New v10.0 Update With SHIELD for Lightning Analysis

XGSLab Version 10.0 brings a new module, SHIELD, for Electro-Geometric Modeling of lightning protection systems, hybrid cells in NETS, and many more features for more advanced studies.