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EasyPower is partnering with the industry-leading grounding and EMI analysis expert company, SINT Ingegneria (website), which offers a software package to analyze and design grounding, lightning and electromagnetic interference problems by focusing on its powerful and yet affordable grounding analysis software packages, XGSLab. EasyPower is the exclusive representative of XGSLab software in the USA and Canada.

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XGSLab is one of the most powerful software for electromagnetic simulation for power, grounding and lightning protection systems and the only software on the market that takes into account International (IEC/TS 60479-1:2005), European (EN 50522:2010) and American (IEEE Std 80-2000 and IEEE Std 80-2013) Standards in grounding system analysis.

Why XGSLab

XGSLab Module Options

All modules are integrated in an “all-in-one” package, based on a hybrid calculation method (or “PEEC” method) which considers transmission line, circuit, and electromagnetic theory combined into a single calculation model.

Hybrid methods combine the strengths of other methods and are well suited for engineering purposes because they allow the analysis of complex scenarios including external parameters such as voltages, currents and impedances. For these reasons, XGSLab can be considered a real laboratory.

Video - An Introduction to Grounding Calculations and Why They Are Necessary


This video is a recording of a webinar, given by Michael Antonishen, P.E. at TriAxis, a Division of DEA, and provides a basic introduction to grounding safety calculations (IEEE 80 step & touch) that are generally performed for medium and high voltage AC power stations or similar facilities. Basic grounding concepts and calculation inputs are introduced, and the need for this type of modeling and analysis is discussed.

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The following table summarizes the main applications of the available models.

Application GSA GSA_FD XGSA_FD
Grounding (small/equipotential systems) Yes Yes Yes
Grounding (large/general systems)   Yes Yes
Cathodic Protection Systems   Yes Yes
Magnetic Field   Yes Yes
Electric Field     Yes
Electromagnetic Interferences   Yes Yes
Fault Current Distribution     Yes
Lightning effects for a single frequency     Yes

XGSA_TD can be applied to analyze in the time domain, current and potential distribution on underground and overhead conductor networks energized by means current or voltage transients. It can calculate the consequent distributions of earth surface potentials and electric and magnetic fields.

NETS is a tool based on circuit theory and then it is completely different form the other modules XGSLab modules based on the electromagnetic fields theory. It can solve full meshed multi-conductor and multi-phase networks composed of multi-port cells connected by means of multi-port buses. NETS can calculate potentials and currents in all ports in steady state or fault conditions and in particular can be used for the calculation of the fault current distribution in power networks.

Product Details

GSA (Grounding System Analysis)

GSA is a widely utilized and recognized module for earth grid calculations and design including soil analysis.

GSA_FD (Grounding System Analysis in the Frequency Domain)

GSA_FD is a module for earth grid calculation and design in the frequency domain, including soil resistivity analysis and represents the state of the art of grounding software.

XGSA_FD (Above and Below Ground System Analysis in the Frequency Domain)

XGSA_FD extends the GSA_FD application field to the overhead systems.

XGSA_TD (Above and Below Ground System Analysis in the Time Domain)

XGSA_TD is a powerful module which extends the XGSA_FD application field to the time domain.

NETS (Network Solver)

NETS is a very flexible tool able to solve full meshed multi-conductor and multi-phase networks taking into account all the neutral conductors paths as well as the earth path.

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