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Welcome to the EasyPower Arc Flash Resource Center. Please take advantage of our free resources to learn about arc flash, see how to use EasyPower to perform calculations, and understand how to use and interpret arc flash results.

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new easypower arc flash book

New Practical Solution Guide to Arc Flash Hazards, 3rd Edition

This new and updated Third Edition, with over 20 new pages of content, is current with both the IEEE 1584-2018 and NFPA 70E 2021 standards. The 170 page book has been distributed ...

Free 4-Hour Online Arc Flash Workshop
We offer a free 4-hour online workshop once each month. In has an in-depth introduction to setting up you arc flash ...

Free Arc Flash Calculator
Use this tool to view a sampling of arc flash hazard calculations and the impact of changes ...


Getting Started with Arc Flash Studies

  • Arc Flash - Part 1, Regulations and Industry Standards - LINK
  • Arc Flash - Part 2, Data Collection, with 1584 Updates - LINK
  • Arc Flash - Part 3, Modeling and Initial System Analysis, with 1584 Comparison Techniques - LINK
  • Arc Flash - Part 4, Reports, Labels and Project Recommendations - LINK

Arc Flash Labeling

  • Complete Arc Flash Labeling - LINK
  • Arc Flash Labeling Strategies – Keeping it Simple! by Jim Phillips - LINK
  • EasyPower Arc Flash Label Design and Customization - LINK
  • EasyPower Arc Flash Labels - Part 1, Arc Flash Label Set-up & Printing - LINK
  • EasyPower Arc Flash Labels - Part 2, Arc Flash Label Designer - LINK
  • EasyPower Arc Flash Labels - Part 3, Arc Flash Labels - Conditional Fields - LINK

 Arc Flash PPE

  • How to Build an Arc Flash PPE Program - LINK
  • Why Sharing is Not Caring with Arc Flash PPE - LINK
  • How Arc Flash PPE Impacts Both Human Performance and Human Error - LINK
  • Effective Electrical Safety Programs - Key Considerations for Selection, Application and Care of PPE - LINK
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash & Shock - Getting It Right! - LINK

IEEE 1584-2018 and NFPA Standards

  • The Impact of the IEEE 1584-2018 Standard on Arc Flash Studies - LINK
  • EasyPower IEEE 1584-2018 Update Page - LINK
  • Implementing the IEEE 1584-2018 Standard in EasyPower - LINK
  • Homepage of the IEEE 1584-2018 Standard (IEEE) - LINK
  • Major Changes -  NFPA 70E, 2021 Edition - Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace - LINK
  • Homepage of the NFPA 70E Standard - LINK

Arc Flash Training

  • Online, Self-paced Arc Flash EasyPower Course (paid)LINK
  • Live 2-day Arc Flash Risk Assessment Training - part of 5-day EasyPower Hands-on Training (paid)LINK

Arc Flash Workshops

  • EasyPower offers a free 4-hour online workshop once each month, except for December. They offer an in-depth infroduction to setting up your own arc flash safety program. The workshop explains what arc flash is, the IEEE and NFPA standards that regulate it, how to conduct an assessment, how to coordinate your protective devices, how to create labels, and much more. Attendees participate through GoToMeeting and are able to interact live. LINK

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