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Resource Articles

Arc Flash the Easy Way - Part 4, Reports, Labels and Project Recommendations

Arc Flash the Easy Way - Part 3, Modeling and Initial System Analysis

Arc Flash the Easy Way - Part 2: Data Collection

Arc Flash The Easy Way - Part 1: Regulations and Industry Standards

Using the New Features in EasyPower 10.5

Navigating 2021 NFPA 70E and How to Stay Compliant

Creating and Working With Reports in EasyPower

Circuit Breaker Selective Coordination: Common Questions and Misconceptions

TD Animation

DXF import

Electromagnetic Simulation - Part 2 of 2

Electromagnetic Simulation - Part 1 of 2

Multilayer Soil

XGSLab Electromagnetic Simulation Software

XGSLab Debugging

XGSLab - New Conductor Management Using Libraries

Protective Device Coordination the Easy Way - Part 4: Protective Relays and Ground Fault Protection

XGSLab Drawing Tools

How to Build an Arc Flash PPE Program

Protective Device Coordination the Easy Way - Part 3: Breakers - With NEC 2020 Requirements

Transferred Voltage Hazards

Protective Device Coordination the Easy Way - Part 2: Fuses - With NEC 2020 Requirements

XGSLab 10.0 Release Video

Complete Arc Flash Labeling

Protective Device Coordination the Easy Way - Part 1: Introduction to the Basics

EasyPower 10.5 Release Video

Sizing MCC Elements with EasyPower SmartDesign

EasyPower Tips and Tricks - Improve Your Short Circuit and Arc Flash Results

Medium Voltage Generator Circuit Breaker Applications

Coordination and Arc Energy Reduction Per NEC 2020 – Part 2

Best Practices for Safe Return to Service Following Maintenance Outage

Coordination and Arc Energy Reduction Per NEC 2020 – Part 1

Fuse Basics 101 – Construction & Performance

Bonded vs Isolated Lightning Protection Concepts & their Application to Explosive Areas

A Great Addition to My Offered Services

AC Interference in Shared Corridors

Short Circuit Currents According to IEC 60909

What Happened to HRC Category #0 and “Low voltage Exception”

XGSLab Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Enhance MV Transformer Arc Flash Safety with Arc Reduction Vacuum Fault Interrupter (AR-VFI) Transformers

Site Specific PPE and Custom Arc Flash Labels

Selective Coordination – Requirements, Solutions, Tips and Tricks

Introduction to Protective Device Coordination - Part 5, Device Coordination, Wrap up Session

What’s New in EasyPower 10.4, Including Single-Phase Modeling and Analysis

Introduction to Protective Device Coordination - Part 4, Device Coordination and Manipulating the TCC Display

Protection and Control in Medium Voltage Digital Switchgear

Single-Phase Modeling and Analysis in EasyPower

Safety Program Resources

Implementing 70E / Z462 - Energized Electrical Job Work Flow

XGSLab 9.6 Release Video - New Features

Design Automation to Fast-Track Workflow

MV Motor Starter Modeling in EasyPower

Introduction to Protective Device Coordination - Part 3

External Lightning Protection and Grounding to Reduce Stress in Photovoltaic Plants

Introduction to Protective Device Coordination - Part 2

Molded Case Circuit Breaker Trip Units, Types and Applications

Introduction to Protective Device Coordination - Part 1

Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Protective Grounding

XGSLab Version 9.6 Update Video

EasyPower PowerFlow Analysis Using VFD Controllers

AC Interference in Shared Corridors

Guide to Arc Flash Mitigation Methods

Cathodic Protection

Electrical Safety Program 70E & Z462 2021 Editions - Management of Change

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Set Up in EasyPower

Adding Arc Flash Incident Energy and Short Circuit Current to Display on the Panel Schedule

Addressing and Mitigating Circuit Breaker Vacuum Interrupter Failures

Series Rating: How to Implement in EasyPower

Major Changes -  NFPA 70E, 2021 Edition - Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Current Limiting Fuses and EasyPower Arc Flash Calculations

Application of Arc Flash Relays and High-speed Grounding Systems to Mitigate Arc Flash Hazards

Soil Resistivity Information and Field Testing

Evaluating & Mitigating Transferred Voltage Hazards

The Arc Flash The Easy Way, 4-Part Webinar Series

Designing Grounding Systems that Safely Dissipate Fault Currents and Disperse Lightning Current

Static Discharge Awareness and Explosion Protection

XGSLab New Feature - Seasonal Analysis For Grounding Systems

Overcurrent Coordination and Protection Basics

Ground Fault Coordination in EasyPower

Cracking the Code for Arc-Flash Mitigation

Active & Passive Harmonic Filters in EasyPower

Relays, Transformers and Coordination

Maintenance as a Safety Issue

Surge Protection Measures and NEC Requirements

Arc Flash Workshop - Event

EasyPower Training - Event

Arc Flash Calculator Resource

Ten Most Common Errors in Arc Flash Studies

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made in Arc Flash Studies

XGSLab IEEE Std 80 Benchmarks

Why Sharing is Not Caring with Arc Flash PPE

Touch and Step Voltage Calculations

Grounding Analysis

Types of Studies With XGSLab

Floor Planning Your One-line Diagram

Dynamic Stability – How to Get Started and Get Useful Results

Ground-Fault Protection – Principles and Applications

Demystifying Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Design

The EasyPower Device Library – Proper Care and Feeding

XGSLab GSA Tutorial - A Grounding System Analysis Applying the EN 50522 Standard

XGSLab GSA FD Tutorial - A Grounding System Analysis Applying IEEE Std 80

Electrical Safety Design: Choose the Right Components to Reduce Electrical Hazards and Enhance Plant Safety

Understanding the USA NFPA 70E and the Canadian CSA Z462 Standards

Converting a Solar or Wind Farm Design to an Equivalent Lumped Model for Bulk Electrical System Studies

EasyPower Arc Flash Label Design and Customization

Understanding Arc Flash Reports in EasyPower

Grounding Analysis for Utility Scale Photovoltaic Power Plant

Protective Device Coordination Tips - Updated

Going the Distance for Arc Flash Safety

The Impact of the New IEEE 1584-2018 Standard on Arc Flash Studies

Understanding How Transformer Size & Impedance Affect Equipment Short Circuit Ratings

Understanding the Use of Harmonics and PowerFlow in EasyPower

No ‘Low Voltage Exception’ in the New 1584 Standard – Oh My!

EasyPower Tips and Trick - Data Blocks, EasyControls, and Global Options

EasyPower’s Approach to Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Short Circuit Currents

Understanding Canadian Electrical Workplace Safety Standards - CSA Z462 and CAN/ULC-S801

What is the Difference Between Transient Motor Start and Impact Motor Start in EasyPower?

Short Circuit Fault Current Limiters

Use EasyPower to Calculate High Voltage Arc Flash

How to Model Elements in a Photovoltaic (PV) System

Blocking Arc Flash Energy from Personnel and Assets for Safety and Resiliency

Easy Power Scenario Manager – A Dependable Timesaver

Electrical Systems and LayoutFAST, in Revit

Active Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions

Hot Work Permits with EasyPower

Understanding the New Generation of Medium Voltage Switchgear

Basics Steps in EasyPower to Conduct an Arc Flash Study Using the New IEEE 1584–2018 Model

JHA’s (Job Hazard Analysis) – Why You Shouldn’t Pencil Whip Them

Retrofittable Arc Flash Solutions Make Legacy Equipment Safer

How Does EasyPower Handle Arc Flash Greater Than 15 kV?

Understanding IEEE 1584-2018 and the 2017 NEC Article 240.67

Revit MEP Integration with EasyPower Power System Analysis

Power System Reliability Module

Revit Integrator Module

Intro to Power System Reliability in EasyPower

Common Myths About Medium Voltage Metal-Enclosed Capacitor and Harmonic Filter Banks

Safety, Reliability & Cost - the Bottom Line

What Happened to the ‘125 kVA Low Voltage Exemption’?

Implementing the New IEEE 1584-2018 Standard in EasyPower

Ground Fault Protection Using EasyPower Protection & Coordination™ (PowerProtector)

Using Arc Quenching Switchgear For Superior Protection

IEEE 1584-2018: An Introduction to the Changes

The Impact Maintenance Has on Arc Flash Hazards

Bus Ducts Can Be a Source of Arc Flash Hazards: Modeling Them in EasyPower

Whats New in Arc Flash Standards and Codes?

An intro to the changes in IEEE 1584-2018

Two Ways to Reduce the Cost of an Arc Flash Study

The Value of Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

208 VAC Arc Flash Study - An Actual PowerStart Discussion

EasyPower Intro Video

Arc Flash Labeling Strategies – Keeping it Simple!

Using Harmonic Analysis to Troubleshoot Issues Caused by Power Factor Correction

EasyPower Global Default Settings

Cost Savings Through Predictive Maintenance

Using EasyPower’s Protection & Coordination™ (PowerProtector) to Coordinate Protective Devices with Large Loads in Motor Control Centers

What Makes EasyPower’s ScenarioManager Stand Out in the Market?

Custom Arc Flash Hazard Warning Label Editor

IEC-60909 Short-Circuit in EasyPower

Avoiding the “Ball of Spaghetti” One-line

Custom Text Data Blocks in EasyPower

Understanding NEC 240.67 2017, Arc Energy Reduction for Fuses

Harmonics Question and Answer Session

Introduction to Dynamic Stability

More Productive Data Collecting - Templates in OnSite

Increase the Versatility Of Your Project Files With Custom One-Line Text Blocks

Arc Flash Incident Energy Calculations for 240 Volts or Less

Protective Device Coordination with EasyPower - Part 2

Calculating Arc Flash in DC Systems

Protective Device Coordination with EasyPower - Part 1

Discovering the Value of EasyPower PowerFlow

Grounding Calculations in XGSLab’s GSA_FD Software

Harmonics in Electrical Power Distribution Systems

Arc Flash Analysis for Typical PV System Installations

Beginners Corner - Using Protective Devices in EasyPower

Real World Harmonic Filters - Large Copper Plant

Intro to Arc Flash Analysis in EasyPower and ArcFlash Essentials (EasySolv)

Detailed Implementation of IEC 60909 in EasyPower 10.0

10,000 Feet Up - Taking a “Big Picture” Look at Your One-Line Diagram

NFPA 70E 2018: Changes and Implementation Strategies - What You Need to Know and Why?

NFPA 70E/CSA Z462 - Field Implementation of Risk Assessment Procedure

Top 10 Worker Safety & Productivity Tips

What’s New in EasyPower 10.0 Release

Beginner’s Corner: Arc Flash - The Basic Steps in a Simple EasyPower Arc Flash Project

How Arc Flash PPE Impacts Both Human Performance and Human Error

DC Arc Flash - Hybrid Systems

Panel Data Entry Options in EasyPower

Generator Protection in EasyPower

NEC 2017 - Do the Recent Changes Make Arc Flash More Official?

An Introduction to Grounding Calculations and Why They Are Necessary

Fuse Basics - The Essential Concepts of Working With Fuses

Protection and Over-Current Coordination - Part 2

Cleaning Up Your One-line. Does It Resemble a Ball of Spaghetti?

The Top 6 Power Factor Misconceptions Resulting from Harmonics

Protection and Over-Current Coordination - Part 1

EasyPower Integrated Method for Arc Flash Energy Calculations, and Applications

NFPA 70E Arc Flash & Shock - Getting It Right!

How to model SEL 751 Relay for Arc Flash Protection in EasyPower

Symmetrical Component Method of Short Circuit Calculations

Top 10 Most Common Errors in Arc Flash - Part 2

Arc Flash Mitigation with Arc Sensing Relays

Grid Interconnection Studies for Renewable Energy

Top 10 Most Common Errors in Arc Flash - Part 1

Short Circuit Calculations in EasyPower

Correct Generator Set up In EasyPower

Modeling NEC Article 240.87 Arc Energy Reduction using EasyPower

DC Arc Flash Modeling in EasyPower

Modeling a Photovoltaic (PV) Electrical System

Coordinating Relay Settings, Phase, Ground Overloads

Protective Device Coordination Tips

PowerFlow Options in EasyPower

Protective Device Coordination Options in EasyPower

Custom Schedule Templates with EasyPower

EasyPower for Local Utility Applications

The NEC (NFPA 70), NFPA 70E, Osha 1910 and You

Arc Flash Options to Improve Your IEEE 1584 Results

Short Circuit Options in EasyPower

Arc Flash Mitigation with Fuses

Site Specific PPE and Custom Arc Flash Labels

Top 5 Reasons to Share Arc Flash Data File

Effective Electrical Safety Programs - Key Considerations for Selection, Application and Care of PPE

Transient Motor Starting in EasyPower

Using MCC Breakers Which Are “Series Rated”

How to Utilize Custom TCC plots in EasyPower Coordination

Utilizing the Arc Flash Database to Do Power Flow Analysis

Customized Drawing Sheets in EasyPower

Using EasyPower Harmonics to Avoid Problems at Your Facility

Arc Flash Techniques and Considerations for Systems Design

Using PowerFlow in EasyPower to Reduce Power Factor Demand Penalties

The Ins and Outs of Scenario Manager

Dynamic Stability Studies and Applications

Device Coordination Examples, Continued - Arc Flash and DC Systems

Custom Panel Schedules in EasyPower

Data Collection, Part 3 - Mobile Data Collection with EasyPower OnSite™

Calculating Incident Energy using EasyPower Short Circuit Options

Coordination Studies - Real-world Examples

Data Collection, Part 2 - Creating Data Collection Templates in EasyPower

Data Collection for Arc Flash Study, Part 1 - What Data to Collect

Using Relays for Arc Flash Energy Mitigation

Reducing Arc Flash Energies on Tranformer Secondaries - Fuse Solutions

Switched Capacity Motor Starting

MCC Modeling Options in EasyPower

Arc Flash Labeling for Stand By Generators

Active Arc Flash Mitigation

Arc Flash Risk Assessments: Understanding the RFP

DC Arc Flash in EasyPower

NFPA-70E Most Frequently Asked Questions

Data Collection Templates in EasyPower

Infinite Utility Source Refresher

Using Scripts with EasyPower’s Dynamic Stability

Name Plate Data Collection

Error Checking in EasyPower

Whats New in EasyPower 9.8

Arc Flash Incident Energy - Mitigation Techniques

Introduction to EasyPower OnSite™, Mobile Data Collection Tool

Medium Voltage Breaker Mechanisms

NFPA 70E 2018 Edition Changes

Advanced Power Flow

Panel & Switchboard Schedule Implementation

Harmonic Filter Design Concepts - Harmonics Part 2

Modeling a Busway System in EasyPower Refresher

Using Harmonic Analysis Software - Harmonics Part 1

Dynamic Stability is PowerFlow on Steroids Refresher

Trip Devices within MCC Panels Refresher

C-Type Harmonic Filters for Arc Furnace Facilities

Arc Flash Label Synergy - Making a Label Last 5 Years

Prior to Starting a Protective Device Coordination Project

The Real Benefits of Maintaining a Study - Garbage In Garbage Out, Part 2

MCC Modeling in EasyPower One-lines

SmartDuty Improves Short Circuit Study

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Currents in Short Circuit Faults

Using EasyPower to Perform Automated Selective Coordination of Circuit Breakers

Arc électrique - Sécurité enÉlectricité L’approche canadienne | Canadian approach to arc flash & electrical safety

Importing SKM® files into Easypower files

Dynamic Stability Refresher

Transient Motor Starting Refresher

Harmonics in Renewable Energy Systems (part 2)

SmartPDC Auto-Coordination Refresher

Secondary Networks in Distribution - Intro

SmartDesign Intro Refresher - Part 1

Canadian Approach to Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

Arc Flash Refresher Coordination - Part 3

Arc Flash Refresher (Intro Continued) - Part 2

Arc Flash Refresher (Intro) - Part 1

Advanced Coordination Focus

Harmonic Filters - IEEE 1531 Overview

Device Coordination, Wrap up Session - Part 5

Device Coordination & TCC Curves - Part 4

Device Coordination & TCC Curves - Part 3

Utility Short Circuit Current Data & Arc Flash Studies

Device Coordination & TCC Curves - Part 2

Device Coordination & TCC Curves - Part 1

Using SmartDesign™ in EasyPower

Power Flow or Load Flow in EasyPower

Using Conditionals While Designing Arc Flash Labels in EasyPower

Sequence of Events in EasyPower

Basic Short Circuit Studies in EasyPower

Panel Data Entry Options in EasyPower

Easy Controls, Scenario Manager Refresher

Intro to Electrical Safety Standards - NFPA 70E, 70 NEC, OSHA

Symmetrical Components Using EasyPower

Renewable Energy Studies Using EasyPower (part 1)

The EasyPower Advantage - Benefits and Features

Breaker Basics

Ground Fault Protection & Protection Coordination in Industrial & Commercial Power Systems

Arc Flash in Latin America | El Peligro de Arco Eléctrico en América Latina

IEC Short Circuit in EasyPower

Garbage In/Garbage Out - Data Collection

Molded Case Circuit Breaker Basics

Intro to Arc Flash Analysis

One-Line Diagrams - Data Entry (Continued)

One-Line Diagrams - Data Entry

One-Line Diagrams - Insert Subsystems

How to Build One-Line Diagrams

1, 2, or 3 Phase Loads in EasyPower

Multi-Function Relays

EasyPower Intro: Automated Power System Design and Analysis

Harmonic Notch Filters

Arc Flash Advanced Options - Part 1

Arc Flash Labels - Conditional Formatting

Arc Flash Labels - Custom Design

Arc Flash Label Setup & Printing

SmartDesign - Features and Capabilities

Protective Device Coordination Intro

Power Flow in EasyPower - Part 1

Arc Flash Hazard Reduction

Intro to Harmonics in EasyPower

Power Flow in EasyPower - Part 2

Intro To Dynamic Stability

Arc Flash Hazard Reports in EasyPower

Arc Flash Label Design and Printing

Motor Starting - Part 2

Equipment Duty Calculations - Low Voltage

EasyPower Drawings and Named Views

Harmonics IEEE 519 Standard

Arc Flash Advanced Options - Part 2

EasyPower Schedules and Elevations

Advanced Harmonics in EasyPower

Cascade Steel - EasyPower Customer Story

DC System Analysis in EasyPower

Power Flow Convergence

Beliefs Drive Electrical Safety Behavior

Transformer Protection in EasyPower

Electrical Power Engineering in EasyPower

EasyPower 9.6 Release

SmartPDC - Auto Coordination in EasyPower

Arc Flash Consequences

FREE Arc Flash Study Spec

FREE Arc Flash Labeling Guide

FREE 10 Step Arc Flash Guide

FREE Arc Flash Safety Book