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The EasyPower product suite delivers a full lineup of powerful electrical software tools for intelligently designing, analyzing, and monitoring electrical power systems. With the fastest processing speeds on the market, EasyPower delivers instantaneous, accurate results to help you make more intelligent decisions. Watch the overview video below to learn more.

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Simply select the appropriate product tier and optional add-ons, based on your needs and system size.

EasyPower 2024 Update

EasyPower, part of Bentley Systems, is excited to announce the release of EasyPower 2024, with major new features including support for NFPA 70E 2024, Harmonics updates for IEEE 1547 and 2800, the ability to change names directly on the one-line, and a powerful new licensing service.  Other new features include improvements to data entry in the database browser, auto-calculated library information for more equipment, the ability to store and view arc flash calculations in the Database Browser, and support for Revit® 2024. Learn More - Watch Release Video - New Licensing Information

EasyPower Features

EasyPower Product Tiers - At A Glance

TIERS One-line
View & Edit
Protection &
Arc Flash Power
Base X X X          
Standard X X X X X X    
Professional X X X X X X X  
Advanced X X X X X X X X

Each Tier also has add-on features that are available, depending on your needs and the Product Tier you have.

TIERS Transient Motor
Starting (TMS)
Dynamic Stability
(TMS Included)
Base     X
Standard     X
Professional X X X
Advanced X X X

Detailed Product Tier Comparison Chart

Configure EasyPower for the specific tasks you perform most, then add features as needed. If needed, please refer to the product feature descriptions above. Download a printable Comparison Chart here.

Integrated One-Line X X X X
Data Collection with Camera Integration X X X X
Database Browser and Report X X X X
MCC & Panel Schedules X X X X
Manufacturer Libraries X X X X
ScenarioManager X X X X
SmartDesign X X X X
Revit® Integrator X X X X
SmartBreaker   X X X
ShortCircuit   X X X
Protection & Coordination   X X X
ArcFlash   X X X
SmartPDC   X X X
PowerFlow     X X
Harmonics       X
Reliability Optional Optional Optional Optional
Transient Motor Starting     Optional Optional
Dynamic Stability     Optional Optional

EasyPower Tier Description and Applications

All software tiers are available in 100, 300, 1000, 5000, and Unlimited bus configurations, except the Base Tier, which has no bus limitations. For more information, reach out to your sales representative or sales@easypower.com. 

Base Tier *

The Base Tier is the EasyPower product that offers an affordable solution for companies that need to create one-lines and enter all of the necessary equipment data to perform analysis.

* Similar to the formerly-named Base Package or OneLine Designer products, includes many data collection features from OnSite.

Professional Tier

The Professional Tier is the most common EasyPower product for professionals who need to perform analysis of the electrical power systems, including short circuit, protection and coordination, arc flash, and power flow. Quickly and easily create detailed one-line diagrams, perform arc flash hazard calculations, and maintain system and safety documentation—all in one place.

Standard Tier

The Standard Tier is similar to the Professional Tier but simplified for users who don’t need Power Flow or additional dynamic analysis add-ons.

Advanced Tier

The Advanced Tier includes all of the features of the Professional Tier and also includes the ability to perform harmonic analyses, design harmonic filters, and generate harmonic compliance reports for IEEE 519 and IEEE 2800.

Supported Languages

EasyPower’s native language support is English. The software is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese, although updates to these languages may not be available until after the English version is released. The software menus, dialog boxes, documentation and online help are supported in these languages. You can find instructions for installing additional languages here: Language installation instructions.

Licensing Options

EasyPower uses a software license that is hosted in the cloud. Logging in with a Bentley account will provide you access to all of your Bentley software licenses.  

A Subscription offers a convenient way to lease a 12-month license of Bentley software for a low, upfront cost. Every online purchase through the eStore comes as a individual license subscription which includes training. With no contract required, it’s easy to get started quickly.

A One-Time Purchase with Support is a perpetual license with SELECT. A perpetual license of Bentley software is a one-time purchase, with a yearly maintenance subscription, called SELECT. This includes technical support, product updates, library updates, learning resources, like our self-paced training courses, and the ability to exchange licenses for other software once a year. With SELECT, you will benefit from license pooling, so you can access your software from multiple computers.

For larger organizations with additional requirements, Enterprise options are available. Contact your salesperson for detail. For additional general information on Bentley licensing, go to www.bentley.com/support/licensing-and-subscriptions.

Maintenance Benefits

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Download a free demo copy today. You can also contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a one-on-one session with an application engineer, to help you get started with your EasyPower demo.

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If you already know what you want, you can also Buy Now