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Arc Flash Calculator

Use this convenient tool to view a sampling of arc flash hazard calculations and the impact of various system changes on arc flash energy levels and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.


  • Select the Equipment Type from the Drop Down Box.
  • Drag slider bars to change values.
  • Press the "Calculate Arc Flash" button. Results are displayed below.
10 kA
1.0 sec [60 cycles]
18 inches
0.48 kV
20 inches
20 inches
8 inches
Arc Boundary
119.8 inches
Incident Energy
19.6 cal/cm2
Average Arcing Current: 9.8 kA
Minimum Arcing Current: 3.6 kA

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Stay Up-to-Date

Get the latest arc flash hazard resources from EasyPower, IEEE, and NFPA :

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  • IEEE 1584-2018
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  • Webinar Video - IEEE 1584-2018 Update – An Introduction to the Changes
    In this webinar, given by Jim Phillips, founder of, and also Vice-Chair of IEEE 1584 and International Chair of IEC TC78, Jim takes you through the long history of what it took to develop the next edition including establishing a collaboration between IEEE and NFPA, creating a project team for the almost 2000 new arc flash tests, model and equation development and more. He then discusses the major changes, why they were made and what they mean. The changes include equations for five different electrode configurations, more choices for enclosure sizes, an enclosure correction factor calculation to adjust for specific enclosure sizes, and the grounded vs. ungrounded difference has been eliminated.