EasyPower Product Offline Activation

You have reached this page because you were unable to activate your EasyPower product automatically. This typically occurs because EasyPower does not have access to the Internet on your computer, possibly because of firewall restrictions.

You can activate your software in an offline mode by generating a file on your computer and using it to request a file from this webpage. You can use another computer to send and receive the files if necessary, but the files must be created and processed on the computer where the activation needs to take place.

The files required are: 

  • A .request file generated by EasyPower on the computer where the product will be activated. This file is specific to that computer. If you do not have a .request file, you can generate the file by starting EasyPower on the computer and selecting the option to generate the file when the activation fails to complete.
  • A .response file generated by this website and sent to you to authorize the computer. This file must be processed on the computer where activation is needed.

Steps to Activate Your Software Offline

Select the .request file below, and then click Submit Request.
Select the activation request file generated by EasyPower: