Release Date: September 1, 2021

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EasyPower® Acquires DesignBase™ Software and Other Products from Power Analytics Global
EasyPower Adds Powerful New Products to It’s Suite of Power System Analysis Software Tools

Portland, OR, September 1, 2021 – EasyPower LLC, a global leader in electrical power system analysis software and services, has acquired the Paladin DesignBase and other power-related software products from Power Analytics Global. The acquisition includes the following software products, as well as the intellectual property and patents associated with these products:

  • Paladin® DesignBase
  • Paladin® Power Digital Twin
  • Paladin® Live
  • Paladin® Microgrid Power Management Systems

Kevin Bates, CEO of EasyPower stated, “In acquiring these products, we are expanding our lineup of engineering tools already available through our EasyPower Software Suite. By adding the comprehensive set of engineering tools available within DesignBase to our product offering, we are opening-up opportunities to address additional markets and customers that we did not reach before.”

Keith Barksdale, Chairman of Power Analytics Global, “In divesting these power focused products to EasyPower, we are now able to focus on a broader array of customers as the demand for our other real-time data optimizations tools have grown dramatically due to the impact the Covid-19 pandemic. Embraced by the power industry for more than 25 years, Power Analytics’ software is at the forefront of the electrical system planning and operation space for energy intensive, mission-critical facilities and microgrids, and currently protects more than $120 billion in customer assets. By combining our power product portfolio with EasyPower this will create an undisputed leader in the Real-time Power Simulation market space.”

Michael Kotlarz, CTO of Power Analytics Global notes “the real winners here are our customers, as they get the benefits of consolidated focus of strategy and resources around Power by EasyPower and transformational real-time analytics at Power Analytics.  Our Power customers are now in good hands, and we can accelerate the cutting-edge analytics platform we have developed.

About EasyPower

For over 25 years, EasyPower continues to develop unprecedented technologies to make your job simpler, smarter, and safer—delivering powerful software that is inherently easy to use. The flagship product, EasyPower, includes the following analysis features: arc flash analysis, power flow, short circuit, protective device coordination, reliability, dynamic stability, transient motor starting, harmonic analysis, Autodesk Revit integration and many others. In addition, EasyPower is also exclusive reseller in North America for XGSLab software, which is a complete set of tools for the simulation of Power, Grounding and Lightning Systems.

Additional information regarding EasyPower may be found on EasyPower’s website at

About Power Analytics Global

Power Analytics Global is a global technology IoT, data visualization, and analytics company that specializes in asset lifecycle extension, intellectual property development, and real-time analytics for a broad range of modern networks. We are a comprehensive, single source software platform provider for the development of technology using data science.  Power Analytics extensive suite of products allows customers to take control of their critical data, by reducing cost, automating operations, and improving  business continuity.

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