ArcFlash™ Moldule Features

SmartClick™ Technology

  • Double-click any bus or device to see PPE, arc hazard, and arc boundary requirements

Industry-Standard Compliance

  • Includes the latest calculation standards
  • IEEE-1584 and NFPA 70E

Calculation Options and Techniques

  • Automatic calculations of bus and branch arcing currents, with protective device clearing times determined for accurate arc energies
  • Full ANSI-standard short-circuit calculations
  • Model ANSI short-circuit calculations using momentary (full motor contributions), interrupting (only motors >50 HP) or 30-cycle currents (no motors) for unmatched flexibility
  • Option to include or exclude buses/equipment from calculations
  • Automatically and correctly selects the fastest protective trip times (for single-source systems) no matter how many protective devices
  • Selects the slowest protective device (for multiple sources) for “worst-case” hazards
  • Fuses and breakers can be modeled using current-limiting equations
  • Model differential (87), partial differential, arc flash (light) sensing, zone interlocking (ZSI), and other instantaneous sensing devices
  • Display of bus-based or detailed arc flash values

Exhaustive and User-Definable Library

  • Thousands of pre-loaded and user-definable equipment types and arc gaps (switchgear, MCCs, panels, VFD, and more)
  • Measurement units (mm, cm, meters, inches, feet)
  • Arc flash boundary energy
  • Fault types (3-phase, line-line, line-ground, and double-line-ground)
  • Multiple working distances for each voltage level or user-defined distances for specific equipment

Arc Flash Labels | Create, Print, Store

  • Automatically prints ANSI Z535-compliant arc flash labels
  • Fully customizable label templates—any language, any graphic
  • Direct output on high-quality UV-resistant vinyl labels to various label printers
  • Multicolor printing


  • Detailed spreadsheet provides at-a-glance arc flash calculations for easy review: NFPA 70E flash boundaries, incident energies, PPE requirements, approach boundaries, and more
  • Reports can include detailed let-through energy for all devices, worst-case bus values, or worst-case line-side values
  • ScenarioManager™ provides detailed comparison of all facility operating conditions for one-touch verification
  • Reporting in English or metric units

Energized Work Permits | Create, Print, Store

  • Create and print NFPA 70E-compliant energized work permits with built-in templates
  • Includes calculated flash hazard boundaries, incident energy, PPE requirements, shock hazard voltage, approach boundaries (limited, restricted, and prohibited)
  • NFPA 70E-compliant documentation in auto-generated Word documents
  • Link work permits to the one-line equipment for easy access

User-Definable Work Permit Library

  • Extensive customizable library for hundreds of specific work tasks
  • Work tasks can be tailored for specifc equipment types
  • Detailed job descriptions and safety procedures stored for each task
  • HRC (Hazard Reduction – risk assessment) substantiation
  • Determine voltage-rated gloves and tool requirements
  • Library stores clothing levels and descriptions for application to work permits and labels

Hyperlink Documents to the One-Line | One Place, One Click

  • Store all important documents right on the one-line
  • Maintenance records, instruction manuals, lockout/tagout procedures, pictures, and more
  • Convenient mouse-click access for all plant personnel
  • Comply with regulations easily and quickly

Built-In Prompts | Identify, Review, Prepare

  • Identify potential hazards
  • Check job plans
  • Review steps to protect workers
  • Prepare for emergencies

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