PowerFlow™ Features

The EasyPower Power Flow module includes the ability to perform analysis for all systems, including balanced and unbalanced 3-phase, single-phase, and DC equipment. All of this is provided in our powerful and intuitive Power Flow module, without the need to make additional purchases for unbalanced or DC calculations. 

Intuitive System Overload and Voltage Evaluation 

  • Overloaded equipment instantaneously highlighted for fast sizing and verification 
  • Overload evaluations performed on transformers (2 and 3 winding), current-limiting reactors, cables, transmission lines, and busway 
  • Overload evaluation based on phase with highest load for unbalanced loading 
  • Buses with improper voltages are highlighted instantly for easy identification and diagnosis 
  • Over-voltage/under-voltage evaluation based on phase with highest /lowest voltage for unbalanced loading 
  • Voltage unbalance evaluation using NEMA definition LVUR, IEEE definition PVUR, or True definition VUF 
  • Adjustable min/max thresholds for voltage and overload violation notification 
  • Evaluation of negative sequence and zero sequence voltages with adjustable thresholds 

Automatic Voltage Control Equipment 

  • Load tap changer (LTC) adjustment on 2 and 3 winding transformers, either voltage or var controlled. Fixed transformer taps are also allowed. 
  • Utility/generator swing voltage control for PV and PQ models 
  • Generator reactive var compensation for voltage control 

Detailed Reports 

  • New tabular HTML reports itemize branch flows and loads for thorough analysis 
  • Output results available in phase quantities, symmetrical components or positive sequence 
  • One click exports to Excel, Word, Open Office, and more 

Multiple Swing Sources 

  • Multiple swing sources can be located on islanded or fully connected systems 
  • Various generator models supported: swing, PV, and PQ 
  • Includes both local and remote voltage control for the PV model 
  • Includes user-definable source voltages for the swing and PV models 
  • Multiple generators and generator types supported on a single bus 
  • Enhanced generator modeling 

Mix and Match Load Types 

  • Any combination of load types supported: constant MVA, constant I, and constant Z loads 
  • Three-phase, single-phase and DC loads 
  • Easy load scaling capabilities for what-if checking, diversity, peak loading, and more 
  • Import SCADA data for near real-time analysis 
  • Use to determine the effects of generation control, load forecasting, and other contingencies on the system 
  • Lumped motor and load capabilities 
  • Comprehensive load modeling 

Impact Motor Starting 

  • Impact starting for quick motor-start and voltage-drop results 
  • Start unlimited motors simultaneously 
  • Any starting configuration, including auto-transformer, reduced current, etc. 
  • Open and close breakers, capacitors, filters, and more for real-time simulation 
  • Evaluate motor starting capacitors 

Enhanced Menus, Toolbars, and Options Dialog

  • Selection and modeling of power flow properties are completely simplified

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