PowerFlow™ Features

Automatic Voltage Control Equipment

  • Load tap changer (LTC) adjustment on 2 and 3 winding transformers, either voltage or var controlled. Fixed transformer taps are also allowed.

  • Utility/generator swing voltage control for PV and PQ models

  • Generator reactive var compensation for voltage control

Expert System Overload Evaluation

  • Overloaded equipment instantaneously highlighted for fast sizing and verification

  • Overload evaluations performed on transformers (2 and 3 winding), current-limiting reactors, cables, transmission lines, and busway

  • Buses with improper voltages are highlighted instantly for easy identification and diagnosis

  • Adjustable min/max thresholds for voltage and overload violation notification

  • Enhanced generator modeling

Multiple Swing Sources

  • Multiple swing sources can be located on islanded or fully connected systems

  • Various generator models supported: swing, PV, and PQ

  • Includes both local and remote voltage control for the PV model

  • Includes user-definable source voltages for the swing and PV models

  • Multiple generators and generator types supported on a single bus

  • Comprehensive load modeling

Mix and Match Load Types

  • Any combination of load types supported: constant MVA, constant I, and constant Z loads

  • Easy load scaling capabilities for what-if checking, diversity, peak loading, and more

  • Import SCADA data for near real-time analysis

  • Use to determine the effects of generation control, load forecasting, and other contingencies on the system

  • Lumped motor and load capabilities

Impact Motor Starting

  • Impact starting for quick motor-start and voltage-drop results

  • Start multiple motors simultaneously

  • Any starting configuration, including auto-transformer, reduced current, etc.

  • Open and close breakers, capacitors, filters, and more for real-time simulation

Detailed Reports

  • New tabular HTML reports itemize branch flows and loads for thorough analysis

  • One click exports to Excel, Word, Open Office, and more

Enhanced Menus, Toolbars, and Options Dialog

  • Selection and modeling of power flow properties are completely simplified

PowerFlow also includes Integrated One-Line, SmartDuty™, SmartBreaker™, ScenarioManager™, MCC and Panel Schedules, and SendCAD™.

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