EasyPower® Protection & Coordination™

Truly Integrated Protective Device Coordination

A comprehensive protective device coordination (PDC) program and device database, Protection & Coordination makes it impressively easy to verify equipment protection, protective device settings, and coordination intervals.

With mouse-click simplicity, the Protection & Coordination module sports truly dynamic interaction with the time-current curve (TCC) and one-line diagram. You’ll be amazed how closely it mimics actually working on a real power system. Become fully equipped to:

Untouchable Functionality

No other program can touch the Protection & Coordination module’s:

Intelligent Decisions | Easy to Come By

The Protection & Coordination module’s unique integration with the one-line and short-circuit engine clearly display problems and deliver the solutions other programs only dream about, including remote voltages and currents, backup relaying intervals, and a dynamic TCC. Plus, a comprehensive device database boasts tens of thousands of verified devices—from the obsolete to the industry’s latest.

Profit from the Protection & Coordination module’s valuable insight for troubleshooting false trips and relay malfunctions, and for determining specialized relay settings. Plus, make intelligent switching decisions to ensure that changes do not adversely affect system selectivity or reliability.

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