Protection & Coordination™ Features

Enhanced Time-Current Curves

  • Set curves easily with a mouse—simply click and drag, seeing the exact manufacturers’ settings as you drag
  • Short-circuit results shown right in the TCC one-line, including all fault types, asymmetrical or symmetrical values, and remote voltage and currents
  • Easy customizable layout of the one-line inside the TCC
  • Access the data directly from the equipment dialog box
  • Transformer, motor, cable, and equipment boundaries conveniently displayed

Auto Clipping

  • For all protective devices
  • Enables seeing the true trip times

Time-Current Curves One-Line Diagram

  • Automatically documents one-line configuration, switching conditions, protective devices, fault currents, and more—without user input
  • Full color customization
  • Phase and ground coordination
  • Drag-and-drop layout, maintaining all the EasyPower one-line features

Full Protection Modeling

  • Differential, partial differential, ground differential, over-current, multi-function relays, and more—on the one-line diagram

True One-Line Integration

  • Total integration of all momentary, interrupting, and relay short-circuit and arc flash results with the one-line and protective devices
  • See arc flash values change—on the fly—as protective device settings are adjusted
  • Detailed modeling of multifunction relays: 50, 51, 67, 87, etc.
  • CT models—up to six CTs per breaker

True WYSIWYG Graphics, Printing, and Plotting

  • Protection and Coordination matches your protection system, preventing costly mistakes that could compromise your system
  • No time-consuming trial and error to get the right printout

Comprehensive Device Library

  • Tens of thousands of brand-specific devices verified by EasyPower engineers
  • Easy data entry
  • Saves countless hours and ensures accurate results
  • Breaker curves—including solid-state trips, electro-mechanical trips, thermal-magnetic trips, and motor circuit protectors
  • Both high- and low-voltage fuse curves
  • Transformer-withstand (thermal and mechanical) curves: inrush and FLA
  • Cable-damage and motor-starting curves

Solid State Trip (SST) Device Enhancements

  • Protection and Coordination automatically chooses an appropriate SST for specific molded-case circuit breakers that typically use SSTs
  • SST data entry has enhanced validation, including checking requirements for instantaneous and/or short-time settings
  • Assures proper modeling of specialty SSTs made by multiple manufacturers

Easy-to-Use Functions and Advanced Graphics

  • Set curves with your mouse by simply clicking and dragging
  • Tool tips show your exact settings and currents as you drag
  • Complete drawing package functionality for those who just want to draw curves without integration
  • No eye-numbing flicker as you set/drag curves

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