ShortCircuit™ Features

Determine Equipment Ratings

  • Switchgear, breakers, switches, fuses, busway, motor control centers, and panelboards

Full Compliance

  • Meet ANSI C37.010, C37.5, C37.13, IEC 60909, and NEMA low-voltage standards

Fault Analysis | Any Voltage or Fault

  • For low-, medium-, and high-voltage systems
  • 3-phase, line-line, line-ground, and double-line-ground faults
  • Line-end, and line-out faults for all fault types

Voltage Sensor on the One-Line

  • See potential trouble spots right on the one-line

AC and DC Decrement

  • Provides accurate NACD (no AC current decay) ratios

Local and Remote Calculations | Voltage and Currents

  • For generator contributions
  • Provides critical relay setting and troubleshooting information

Powerful Reports | Automatically Generated

  • Automatically generated, tabular HTML reports track equipment ratings and fault currents for thorough analysis;
  • One click exports them to Excel, Word, Open Office and more.
  • Available in over 20 different configurations
  • Momentary, interrupting, 30-cycle, equipment duty, and voltage sensitivity
  • Symmetrical component option for all reports including, phase, and sequence components
  • Generator monitors, branch contributions, and remote voltage and current for all reports

One-Line View

  • View one-line results for any phase (A, B, C) or sequence component including ground


  • Expert system for equipment duty verification
  • Line-side and load-side faults guarantee accurate equipment duties
  • Detailed equipment duty reports
  • Full ANSI and IEC standards compliance
  • Click for more details on SmartDuty


  • Expert system for opening and closing breakers, fuses, or switches
  • Open or close any device with a mouse click for true power system simulation
  • Reduces errors—no need to change the database for each system change
  • Click for more details on SmartBreaker

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