SmartBreaker™ Electrical Power System Analysis

Analyze on the Fly | Why Be Burdened with Database Updates?

For true power system simulation, you shouldn’t have to be forced to manually update your database, bouncing between it and your analysis each time you want to make a simple switching change. Analyze on the fly instead with SmartBreaker, our power system analysis tool, and save countless hours while avoiding dangerous and costly mistakes.

Go ahead, study “what-if” conditions straight from the one-line and don’t worry about your already verified system data. SmartBreaker instinctively knows that your changes are only temporary, and it completely eliminates the need for you to keep track of what you did—or didn’t do.

Open and close breakers, fuses or switches as you analyze, and study any switching condition instantly. Simply double-click on a device and get instant results for your power system analysis—just as you do in the real world. Let SmartBreaker’s "expert" algorithm do all the heavy lifting to give you the quickest and most accurate results possible.

Avoid Mistakes and Gain Confidence

SmartBreaker power system analysis is a must-have analysis tool if you want to:

Where ScenarioManager™ saves multiple operating conditions as separate case files for you to analyze now or later, SmartBreaker shows you how the system will function in the real world—in real time—before you take any actions online.

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