SmartDesign™ Electrical Design Software

Power System Design | Completely Revolutionized

One-Touch Automated Design for Low-Voltage Systems

SmartDesign radically simplifies the design process: just right-click on an area to design and get automatic calculations of all equipment sizing requirements per the National Electrical Code® (NEC).

It’s like having a professional engineer who has memorized the NEC and all the manufacturers’ catalogs, right on your desktop.

Comprehensive, integrated reports provide valuable insight and alerts to problem areas. You can also ensure consistent standards with reusable design sheets set to specific parameters.

Customizable Design Sheets

Avoid reinventing the wheel with customizable design sheets. So, the next time you need a system design for another hospital, for example, start from an already-created design sheet—instead of from scratch.

Save valuable time with exclusive SmartDesign design sheets. Examples of what they enable you to do:


Get a whole new level of automation to:

Please review the list of features for more details. SmartDesign can be purchased as an option for new EasyPower configurations or as an upgrade to an existing one. 

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