SmartDuty™ Short Circuit Calculation Software

Automatic Short Circuit Calculations | Immediately Verify Compliance

SmartDuty, an included feature with ShortCircuit™, simplifies short circuit calculations. You can automatically compare your equipment short circuit ratings with industry-standard calculations, instantly verifying compliance and highlighting critical areas clearly on the one-line.

Simple mouse clicks are all it takes to:

For the utmost in speed and accuracy, rely on SmartDuty to automatically determine the critical current through the equipment—line-side or load-side—whichever is greatest for the most accurate comparison available.

Quickly study and verify that specified equipment has proper short circuit ratings for various switching conditions. With SmartDuty it is especially easy to make intelligent decisions for emergency generator and UPS switching, double-ended substation operation, paralleling generation and transformers, and a host of other switching conditions.

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