EasyPower 2024 Release Details

EasyPower, part of Bentley Systems, is excited to announce the release of EasyPower 2024, with major new features including support for NFPA 70E 2024, Harmonics updates for IEEE 1547 and 2800, the ability to change names directly on the one-line, and a powerful new licensing service.  Other new features include improvements to data entry in the database browser, auto-calculated library information for more equipment, the ability to store and view arc flash calculations in the Database Browser, and support for Revit® 2024.

To see a brief overview and instructions for working with the new update, go the EasyPower 2024 Release Notes.


New release features often include changes to the database. This may affect what you see in the Database Browser and also what is included when you export data into CSV files. If your existing work processes rely on information from the database, be sure to review your processes after you update your software.

Features and Enhancements

New Product Licensing 

Beginning with EasyPower 2024, the program uses Bentley’s Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) for product activation and license management. This is done through the CONNECTION Client software that is installed on your computer as part of your EasyPower installation. With the CONNECTION Client, you create a user account to access your Bentley software, now including EasyPower. Your company's Bentley Admin will manage all of your company's Bentley applications.  Your user sign in credentials enable you to activate and use the product.

For individual users, the first time you sign in, you will create an account using your email. This is typically your work email.  For more information on accessing EasyPower 2024 with the new licensing, go here: www.easypower.com/easypower-2024-licensing

To open the CONNECTION Client after the installation, click CONNECTION Client in your Windows system tray.

You can find Help on SES activation and the CONNECTION Client on the Bentley Communities website.

As part of this licensing change, the EasyPower product description now reflects the year of the product's release to match with the naming convention of other Bentley products. The product version now represents the year, major and minor versions, and build number, and can be found on the Start Page or in Help > About.

Support for NFPA 70E 2024

You can now select NFPA 70E 2024 in the Advanced Arc Flash Options for calculating the Shock Approach Boundary Distance and the Display of PPE Description and Level options.

The device library now includes a new tab for NFPA 70E 2024 where you can define PPE levels for the standard.

Figure 1-1: NFPA 70E 2024 Options in the Advanced Arc Flash Options Dialog Box

Note: For new one-lines, NFPA 70E 2024 is now selected by default for the Shock Approach Boundary Distance, but you can change it here if needed. Existing one-lines will continue to use the original option that they were set up with until you change it.

Figure 1-2: PPE Levels NFPA 70E 2024 Tab in the Device Library

Additional Harmonics Features for Compliance with IEEE 1547 and 2800

Calculation and summary reports of harmonic current distortion limits are done according to IEEE 1547 and IEEE 2800 for sites with distributed energy resources or inverter-based resources.

In the Harmonics Options, you can select from either the IEEE 519-2022 or 2014 reports.

Figure 1-3: IEEE 519 Options on the Harmonics Options - Text Output Tab

There are new options on the Harmonics tab of HV and LV breakers, fuses, and switches.

Change ID Names Directly on the One-Line or Drawing

You now have the ability to change the ID name of any equipment item on the one-line or a drawing by double-clicking on the item's text box where the name is displayed.

Figure 1-4: Double-Click on the Item's Text Box to Open the Change ID Names Dialog Box

Note: You can also select a single item on the one-line and press F2 to open the Change ID Name dialog box. Previously, F2 toggled the Snap-to-Grid feature. The Snap-to-Grid toggle action can now be invoked by pressing the F7 key.

Quick Data Entry via the Database Browser

In the Database Browser, when you double-click on a cell, the item's data dialog box opens on the appropriate tab and the mouse pointer is placed in the field associated with the cell you selected.

For example, if you select the Length cell on a cable and double-click, the Cable Data dialog box opens on the Specifications 1 tab with the text in the Length box already selected.

Figure 1-5: Double-Click on the Length Cell of a Cable in the Database Browser

Figure 1-6: The Length Box is Selected on the Specifications 1 Tab

Store Arc Flash Values for All Bus Types

The program now stores arc flash values for all bus types when you fault and store arc flash in the Short Circuit focus. These can be viewed in the Database Browser.

Figure 1-7: Database Browser Shows Stored Arc Flash Values

Auto-Calculate Added to Fuses, Switches, Motors, MCCs, and Panels

Information for fuses, switches, motors, MCCs, and panels is now auto-calculated based on manufacturer library information. An Auto-calculate check box replaces the Calculate button on fuses, switches, motors, MCCs, and panels. You can also choose to disable auto-calculation and enter this data manually.

For MCCs and panels, the Auto-calculate checkbox has been added to the header area of the Description tab.

For all new items, the checkbox is selected by default. You can change the default setting in Equipment Defaults. For databases that were created in EasyPower versions prior to 2024, the checkbox is not selected so as to preserve any user-entered values. You can use the Change > Auto-Calculate option to select the checkbox on items in upgraded databases. See Changing the Auto-Calculate Options for more information.

Note: This also updates any related equipment in MCC and panel rows. If an ATS is selected, the switch or breaker for the ATS is also updated.


Short Circuit Tab

Figure 1-8:   Fuse - Short Circuit Tab

Figure 1-9: Fuse - Switch Tab


Short Circuit Tab

Figure 1-10: Switch - Short Circuit Tab (ANSI)

Figure 1-11: Switch - Short Circuit Tab (IEC)


Short Circuit Tab

Figure 1-12: Motor - Short Circuit Tab

Figure 1-13: Motor - Motor Starting Tab


Description Tab

Figure 1-14: MCC - Description Tab

When selected, this fills in computed values for Motor FLA, X/R, kW, and kVAR; protective device/starter Int kA; and conductor Cond Rating (A). You can override these values by clearing the checkbox and typing in different numbers.

Short Circuit Tab

Figure 1-15: MCC - Short Circuit Tab (U.S.)

Figure 1-16: MCC - Short Circuit Tab (Metric)


Description Tab

Figure 1-17: Panel Description Tab

Change Auto-Calculate Options

In additional support of this feature, the Change Auto-Calculate Options button now handles the additional equipment.

Figure 1-18: Change Auto-Calculate Options

New Connection Information Available in the Database Browser and Report

There are new columns in the Database Browser and Report that show connection information. These can be seen in the All Columns report configuration and can be added to custom report configurations. The new columns are:

The new columns are available on the following equipment:

Figure 1-19: From and To Columns Displayed in the Database Browser for Two-Winding Transformers

Power Flow Error Report Available in the Database Edit Focus

When you open the Power Flow focus, if any errors are found, the program generates an error report. Previously, the report was only available while you were still in Power Flow. Now, the Power Flow Error Report remains available from the Window drop-down list when you switch back to Database Edit mode. You can click right-click on Edit next to items on the report and then click Edit Data to edit the items and resolve the errors.

Figure 1-20: The Power Flow Report is Now Available from the Database Edit Focus

Revit® 2024 Support

The Revit Integrator now supports importing BIM projects from the latest version of AutoDesk® Revit®. You can download the EasyPower Integrator app from the Autodesk App Store. The App Store will be updated with the latest version shortly after the EasyPower 2024 release, so please verify the version prior to downloading.

Note: The Revit sample file changed in this version. As some of our examples are based on the sample file, there are now two sets of Revit tutorials—one for Revit 2024, and one for all earlier versions. See Tutorial - Revit® Integrator For Revit 2024 and Tutorial - Revit® Integrator For Revit Versions Prior to 2024 for more information.

Avery 60503 Label Template

The Avery 60503 label is now available as a page layout when printing arc flash labels.


Bug Fixes

The following issues have been addressed in this release:

Arc Flash/Short Circuit


Database Browser

Device Library


Power Flow

Scenario Manager