EasyPower 9.5 Update Release Notes

EasyPower 9.5 New & Enhanced Feature Overview

Installation Details

You will need your serial number to download the update, and the authorization code to install the new version of the EasyPower software. The serial number can pulled from your hardware key or from the startup screen of your existing version of EasyPower.

EasyPower Updates are accessible to all EasyPower users with a current maintenance contract.

Please note the following comments associated with this release:

There are new default folders for installation. If you are making use of your old data files or registry settings, please note the following changes.

Please call us at +1(503) 655-5059 option 3, or E-mail support@easypower.com, if you need any assistance or help with technical questions. Please E-mail feedback@easypower.com with your comments and feedback on EasyPower 9.5.