EasyPower 9.6 Update Release Notes

EasyPower LLC is excited to announce our release of EasyPower 9.6! This release includes new features and improvements to your EasyPower software.

EasyPower 9.6 New & Enhanced Feature Overview

Activating Your New Software

A new authorization code is required to activate EasyPower 9.6 the first time you run the new software. This code has also been sent to the registered user at your company.

Installation Details 

As mentioned above, you will need a serial number to download the update, and the authorization code to install the new version of the EasyPower software. Both of these were sent to the registered (primary) user at your company.

EasyPower updates are accessible to all EasyPower users with a current maintenance contract.

Please note the following comments associated with this release:

There are new default folders for installation. If you are making use of your old data files or registry settings, please note the following changes.

Important: If you are installing on a network, you must perform the server installation and activation BEFORE you install and activate EasyPower on your client computers.

Technical Assistance

Please call us at +1(503) 655-5059 option 3, or email techsupport@easypower.com, if you need any assistance or have technical questions.  To give us feedback on the EasyPower 9.6 release, please email feedback@easypower.com.

Technical Help - Finding your serial number

You will need your serial number to log into the updates page. If you are not aware of your serial number, there are three ways to find it: