XGSLab™ Release History

Below you can find a history of the features and updates in the XGSLab software since early 2018. Go here for a more complete release history (XGSLab.com)

XGSLab Release 9.4.1

March 2020

  • Implemented a complete compatibility with Imperial Units!
  • Improved earth potential area and line calculation performances. Reduction of time needed from 50% up to 80%!
  • Many new graphical interaction features:
    • Scroll in/out for 2D and 3D layout and for 2D and 3D distributions
    • Pan using mouse scroll for 2D and 3D layout and for 2D and 3D distributions
    • Zoom selected spans both from 2D and 3D layout and from list of spans
  • List of spans now exportable and importable in xml format
  • Last area and line calculation automatically saved in the folder of the project
  • External impedances and inputs now visible also 1D distributions
  • Minor bugs fixed

XGSLab 9.4.1 update image

XGSLab Release 9.3.1

November 2019

  • Improved reach touch voltage
  • Argument plotting for normalized frequency spectrum in TD
  • Imperial units considered for dxf importation
  • New soil parameters frequency dependance model CIGRE TB 781
  • More intuitive representation of area and line calculation
  • Automatic layers number research
  • Improved scheduler with the option to program the starting of the calculations
  • Minor bugs fixed

XGSLab 9.3.1 release image

XGSLab Release 9.2.1

September 2019

  • New tool for corona effect calculation for XGSA_FD
  • Reach touch voltage option now available for option "All elements" in FD modules
  • Custom levels for contour pictures introduced in the plot of earth surface potential in GSA, GSA_FD and XGSA_FD modules
  • Enlarged the frequency range in which the validity of the software is granted up to 100 MHz in GSA_FD, XGSA_FD and XGSA_TD modules
  • New distribution available: "Leakage Current on Small Holidays - Superficial" in GSA_FD and XGSA_FD modules
  • New default colour scales available for a quick customization of results outfit
  • Minor bugs fixed

XGSLab 9.3.1 release image

XGSLab Release 9.1.1

June 2019

  • Improvement of NETS with Zig Zag Transformers, Pipe Type Cables and Connection Visualization
  • Improvement of Automatic Report
  • Introduced the possibility to divide spans into one single element also for FD and TD modules
  • New control in debug able to find missing connections in one electrode for FD and TD modules
  • New step by step analysis of debug in order to focus more easily the errors
  • New algorithm for 1D distributions able sort the spans considering their position, orientation and connections
  • Possibility to export frequency dependent impedances to EMTP®
  • New IEC/TS 60479-1:2018 implemented
  • New drawing tools like Array and Offset
  • Improved doubtful connection reliability
  • New levels of fragmentation introduced: “very high” and “very low”
  • Improved graphical output for 3D pictures with steep gradients
  • Minor bugs fixed

XGSLab 9.1.1 release image

XGSLab Release 9.0.1

February 2019

  • New module NETS! a solver for full meshed multi-conductor and multi-phase networks taking into account all the neutral conductors paths as well as the earth path. Based on Kirchhoff laws for multi-conductor and multi-phase systems
  • Enhanced level of detail in post processing results: enabled the possibility to plot not only modulus but also real and imaginary part for scalar fields, real and imaginary part for each component for vector fields
  • New drawing features like "move" and "copy"
  • Introduced the possibility to interact with the background drawing it, keeping it as reference with object snap and deleting it graphically and/or from the dedicated table
  • Minor bugs fixed

XGSLab 9.0.1 release image

XGSLab Release 8.3.2

January 2019

  • New scheduling feature that allows to run multiple calculations in series (>= Professional ver)
  • New layout parameters arrangement: origin + length, width and depth
  • New possibilty to export in dxf format contours obtained in area calculation
  • New graphical options for graduation of axis
  • New drawing options like "Rotation"
  • New suggestion for element fragmentation
  • Minor various improvements
  • Minor bugs fixed

XGSLab 8.3.2 release image

XGSLab Release 8.3.1

April 2018

  • Enhanced calculation speed
  • Improved calculation stability
  • Improved calculation accuracy both with multilayer soil models and with soil multizone models
  • New graphical output "contours"
  • New graphical costumization by setting the number of levels in colours area graphical output
  • Many new graphical options for touch and step voltages area calculation results
  • New customizations options in impulse analyzer
  • New possibility to save and load area and line calculations. This feature is very useful also to fully use and appreciate the new XGSLab Viewer
  • Minor Bugs fixed

XGSLab 8.3.1 release image

Go here for a more complete release history going back to September 2015. (XGSLab.com)