Are Short Circuit and Coordination Studies Required by OSHA?

OSHA electrical safety system requirements can sometimes be misunderstood by safety professionals and even some compliance officers. General Industry standard 1910.303(b)(5) requires that short circuit analysis is done to design and installed equipment is correctly rated and coordinated. But beyond that, it should also be updated periodically for continued compliance. In this webinar, given by Lee Marchessault of Workplace Safety Solutions Inc, we discuss how arc flash study software can help with compliance and ensure equipment is properly rated and coordinated. We will discuss OSHA requirements related to short circuit and coordination studies, and describe fault current, what causes it, and how you can determine system conditions. We also discuss compliance and mitigation of over-dutied equipment and uncoordinated systems. Finally, we explain how arc flash hazards are directly related to short circuit analysis.

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Lee's Presentation

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