Data Collection, Part 3 - Mobile Data Collection with EasyPower OnSite™

In this final session of a 3 part series on Data Collection for Arc Flash, Jim Chastain focuses on using EasyPower's new mobile data collection tool, EasyPower OnSite™. Forget the need to collect the data on paper before building a one line diagram in EasyPower.

Forget the need to make engineering decisions in EasyPower as the one line file is built. Jim shows how EasyPower's OnSite mobile app for Windows© tablets organizes and captures pictures of each device in the plant, provides templates to make sure all data is recorded, permits spreadsheet data entry for MCCs and panels, and makes it easy to sketch and take notes and the team 'connects the dots' during data collection. Then you just export the file to EasyPower where you will import your one line directly.


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