EasyPower Label Editor & Designer – Advanced Use & Applications

EasyPower continually strives to improve the features of our tools based on user requests and feedback. Our custom label editor and designer enables our users to have control over every detail of their labels and has continually improved over the years based on user feedback and requests. In this refresher webinar, Jim Chastain at EasyPower shows the basics of how our custom label editor can be used – and also dives into some key features including:
- The ability to assign PPE values based on company policy which may differ from consensus standard guidelines
- The ability to add a custom PPE boundary based on a custom PPE rating
- Translation to languages other than English
- How to add and utilize a QR code to promulgate information to a select audience using phones or tablets

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Jim‘s Example File

The following file is an example that Jim used in his presentation.  Save it to the >> EasyPower 10.6 > Templates folder in your installation. If the file doesn't download properly, you can download the zip file, which if you are using Chrome also may not download, for security reasons, then you can right-click on it and select Open link in new tab.