External Lightning Protection and Grounding to Reduce Stress in Photovoltaic Plants

Lightning current transients injected onto PV modules may cause damage to equipment farther downstream, resulting in equipment loss and production down time. Surge protective devices for the DC side of PV plants will not be able to withstand peak value lightning strikes without sufficient energy dissipation through the PV field. With the correct implementation of external lightning protection and grounding, it is shown that the surge protection is not overstressed due to sufficient energy dissipation before reaching equipment. The resultant current propagation, transient waveform and specific energy are calculated at critical locations in the PV field through XGS Lab simulations. This webinar, given by Ivan Grobbelaar, PE, Senior Engineer at DEHN Africa, shows the importance of external lightning protection and grounding design during the planning phase of a new PV plant.

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Ivan's Presentation

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