10 Steps of an Effective Arc Flash Hazard Safety Program

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This easy-to-follow guide, 10 Steps of an Effective Arc Flash Hazard Safety Program, provides the specific steps to take for analyzing your current power system and identifying potential trouble spots.

The OSHA General Duty Clause makes it clear that the employer has an obligation to protect workers from known hazards.Learn how to meet the requirements for labeling and protective personal equipment and a lot more.

Learn more about the following steps and the resources that can help you impliment an effective safety program:

  • Evaluate
  • Analyze
  • Label
  • PPE
  • Work Permits
  • Safety Program
  • Training
  • System Maintenance
  • And more...

Developing and implementing an arc flash hazard program that meets the requirements of IEEE-1584, NFPA 70E, and OSHA Standard 29 is challenging. Meeting these requirements on a constrained budget and with limited manpower assets requires proper planning and execution.

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