Lightning Protection and Earthing for Wind Turbines

Lightning protection and earthing for wind turbines is an essential part of ensuring generation of electricity and avoid unplanned downtime. IEC 61400-24 focuses specifically on lightning protection for wind turbines and guides the reader on how to perform lightning risk analysis, informs them on what to look for from turbine manufacturers, and instructs them on how to plan for maintenance. In this webinar, Ivan Grobbelaar, Pr.Eng at DEHN South Africa, showcases methods for calculating lightning related risk on wind turbines, incorporating correction and environmental factors such as lightning ground strike-point density, turbine height, mountainous terrain, and winter lightning. He then presents the calculated risks and determines the required lightning protection measures to be verified with the turbine manufacturer. Focus is drawn to lightning limits of commercially used turbine blades and how to ensure that blades are not catastrophically damaged, avoiding unplanned maintenance and down time.

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Ivan Grobbelaar's Presentation

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