Mitigating Lightning Related Risk on Photovoltaic Plants Using XGSLab

Various factors in the design of photovoltaic projects can lead to possible damage of equipment due to lightning if not executed correctly. These factors could be directly related to the design of the PV facility, such as cable routing, the type of inverter, ground fuses etc., but could also be due to the surrounding environment with external influence such as overhead lines or railways near the facility. In this webinar, Ivan Grobbelaar at DEHN Africa looks at real world data from previous experiences and how it correlates to simulated results using XGSLab. Simulation results are shown for lightning frequency and time domain analysis to showcase possible expected damages for various parts of the generation facility and why this happens if the correct mitigation techniques are not applied. From these simulations, the mitigation recommendations from various standards will be tested to present the reduction in losses if lightning protection is applied correctly.

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Ivan Grobbelaar's Presentation

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