Navigating 2021 NFPA 70E and How to Stay Compliant

The NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®, helps enterprises mitigate worker exposure to electrical hazards in order to avoid injuries and incidents. Many of the electrical incidents that occur in the workplace could have been prevented with proper NFPA 70E® training. However, training is often de-prioritized as many enterprises believe it interferes with productivity and that it’s just another unnecessary expense. They may know that training improves safety, but they may not realize that it also keeps workers current on the NFPA 70E Standard, which reduces compliance risks. They also may not realize that having a safe workforce is also a productive workforce, which positively impacts the return on investment. In this webinar, SEAM Group Instructor & Course Developer, David Weszely, and Chris Rucci, Manager of e-Learning, will talk through the updates to the new 2021 NFPA 70E Standard.

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David Weszely and Chris Rucci's Presentation

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