Reactive Power Compensation: Choosing the Right Solution

There are many different solutions for reactive power compensation and power factor correction, in every voltage level, and for every kind of electric power user. Choosing the right solution is not always a straightforward task, as many power quality issues are involved. In this webinar, given by Pablo De Jarmy at ENCOS Energy Solutions in Mexico, various solutions for reactive power compensation are presented, and the impact they have on the electrical system is assessed using EasyPower software.

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Pablo De Jarmy's Presentation

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Pablo De Jarmy's Example File

The following file is an example that Pablo used in his presentation.  Save it to the >> EasyPower 10.6 > Templates folder in your installation. If the file doesn't download properly, you can download the zip file, which if you are using Chrome also may not download, for security reasons, then you can right-click on it and select Open link in new tab.