Renewable Energy Studies Using EasyPower (part 1)

This webinar is taught by Afshin Majd PhD, PE of EasyPower. He will discuss grid interconnection studies for renewable energy using EasyPower. Recently there has been a lot of discussions, and study work on the renewable energy, and power plants which utilize wind or solar (or other type of renewables) to generate electricity. The study phase of these type of projects are different from the conventional power plants. The initial study work on these type of plants are extremely important, and can change the entire prospect of the project. That means the engineering study work, and its results can greatly impact a multi-million-dollar project's approval process. The initial work should focus on whether or not the project can meet the applicable FERC/NERC (or local) standards/rules.

This webinar is the first of a two part series by Dr. Majd on renewable and interconnection system studies. Find Part 2 here.


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