Shining Daylight on Solar Facility Electrical Studies with EasyPower and XGSLab

The power industry is participating in the largest growth of solar photovoltaics (PV) in recent years, and several factors indicate continued growth of solar generation. Ongoing adoption of solar PV facilities requires engineering teams to understand, scope, and/or perform several types of electrical studies to ensure adequate facility operation during normal and abnormal conditions. This webinar, given by Ian Higginson P.E., Engineering Services Manager at EasyPower, explains different electrical studies which are typically required when designing new solar PV facilities. Discussing topics surrounding protective device coordination, short circuit equipment duty, arc flash, interconnection, grounding, and other electrical studies, attendees will be able to explain analysis processes and goals related to solar PV facility design. This webinar benefits developers, utilities, and consultants approaching these engineering challenges, with solutions EasyPower’s software and services team can provide!

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Ian's Presentation

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