The Impact Maintenance Has on Arc Flash Hazards

This presentation, given by Lee Marchessault at Workplace Safety Solutions, covers the new NFPA 70E emphasis placed on maintenance requirements of facility electrical infrastructures and how this impacts arc flash hazards. The discussion is based on NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Program requirements. Also discussed are case studies of high civil penalties in litigation cases related to lack of maintenance where injuries and/or significant equipment damage resulted. Attendees will walk away with knowledge of arc flash hazards and how they may be accurately determined by ensuring breakers operate as designed and also mitigation techniques as it relates to electrical equipment such as lowering trip times, increasing main transformer impedance, or installing remote devices. Some knowledge of NFPA 70E is suggested. 

Bio - Lee Marchessault, CUSA, CUSP, is the current President of Workplace Safety Solutions, Inc. Lee started his career in the Electric Industry in 1978 at hydro power station, then worked up to Meter Specialist, then a substation maintenance Electrician 1st class. After nearly 20 years in the field, he became the Safety Manager for the power company. Lee is a licensed Electrician and has a BS from Johnson State College. Now, a safety consultant, he specializes in Electrical Safety. He is an instructor for the OSHA Training Institute Regions 1, 2, and 8 responsible for electrical standards programs. Lee has written numerous articles in national publications and continues to present electrical safety topics for International venues. He is on the Electrical Committee for NFPA, ASTM F18 Committee, and an active member with other organizations including ASSP, USOLN, NEPPA, and NSC Utilities Division.

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