Understanding IEEE 1584-2018 and the 2017 NEC Article 240.67, Arc Energy Reduction for Fuses

Understanding how to apply, model, and evaluate various arc flash reduction strategies is an important skill. Proper modeling and evaluation of the results are key components to selecting appropriate arc flash reduction techniques and selecting the setting(s) to optimize application method(s). This session, presented by Samy Faried, PE, IEEE Senior Member at ABB and Ryan Bergeron, IEEE Senior Member at ABB, will provide you with an understanding of how to model four of the methods cited in the new NEC 2017 Article 240.67 for Fuses 1200A or higher – (B) 0.07 seconds or less at the available arcing current, (B)(1) Differential relaying, (B)(2) Energy-reducing maintenance switching with local status indicator, and (B)(3) Energy-reducing active arc flash mitigation system – for a medium and low voltage system using EasyPower® analysis software with the new equations contained in the IEEE 1584-2018 IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations.

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