Utility Short Circuit Current Data & Arc Flash Studies

In this webinar, taught by Jim Phillips, PE, at Brainfiller.com, he discusses the available short circuit current from the electric utility, which is one of the more important pieces of information for an arc flash hazard calculation study. Used to help define the severity of an arc flash hazard, it represents the magnitude of current that could flow from the electric utility during a short circuit.

The available short circuit current is one of two main variables used in performing incident energy calculations. Why would the utility short circuit current change? Who's fault is it if it affects the results of a study? How can you stay one step ahead of the possible changes?

This webinar is based on Jim Philips' experience in both arc flash studies and his work with the IEEE 1584 working group and also from experience earlier in his career as the head of the short circuit studies group for a large public utility system.


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