Why Sharing is Not Caring with Arc Flash PPE

The virus that causes COVID-19 is highly contagious and can be spread between workers that share the same personal protective equipment (PPE). Most industries would never allow sharing PPE due to hygiene regulations, but it is a common practice in the electrical safety industry. Workers have been sharing arc flash and shock PPE for decades, but this practice must stop due to the risk of causing an outbreak at your workplace. In this webinar, Jim Pollard at Unlimited PPE, reviews the challenges with sharing various types of arc flash and shock PPE and provides guidance on how best to manage the use of electrical-specific protective equipment during a global pandemic.

Presenter - Jim Pollard has been helping employers with their arc flash PPE for over 15 years. His company represents Oberon Arc Flash PPE, PROXXI wearable warnings and offers Electrical Safety Training & Consulting solutions. 

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