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Learn More About XGSLab Software

XGSLab is an industry leading electromagnetic simulation software for grounding, lightning, and AC interference. XGSLab’s powerful engine with efficient workflow make it a success worldwide, as the only software to incorporate International (IEC/TS 60479-1:2005), European (EN 50522:2010) and American (IEEE Std 80-2000 and IEEE Std 80-2013) Standards in grounding system analysis.

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EasyPower Grounding Resources

 EasyPower has many resources to help you learn about the XGSLab software, grounding analysis, lightning analysis, AC interference and cathodic protection.

  • Grounding Resource Center - we have a large grounding resource library, with over 30 different videos, downloadable PDFs, training, workshops and more. 
  • Video Library - we have over 100 videos on a variety of topics in our Video LibraryWhen you go to the library, you can select the Topic you are interested in such as grounding, lightning, etc.), from the drop-down menu on the right.
  • Webinars - we have a webinar nearly every week of the year, also on a variety of topics. See our Webinar schedule here.