EasyPower Licensing and Antivirus Issues

The SentinelOne® antivirus software has released a recent update that is creating conflicts with our third-party licensing software. This conflict is causing some EasyPower users to have their software freeze up, fail to start, or not install completely. We are actively working with SentinelOne and our licensing vendor to find a solution as quickly as possible. SentinelOne has said a fix will come shortly. Check back here soon for a more detailed description of the issue and immediate solutions once they become available.

Some users are experiencing issues when:

  • Installing Thales (Gemalto) HASP drivers
  • Installing EasyPower (which install Thales HASP drivers)
  • Activating SL/HL keys
  • Visiting Sentinel Admin Control Center (LocalHost:1947)
  • Restarting EasyPower due to a license validation error

These processes appear to be blocked by Antivirus software.

EasyPower uses a third-party vendor, Thales (Gemalto), for its licensing support known as the LDK. This LDK is a package which includes support the SL and HL key validation through the service haspmls.exe, and the Sentinel Admin Control Center (LocalHost:1947). These are the services that SentinelOne is blocking.


SentinelOne has let us know that the issue has been fixed with the newest version of their agent - 4.6 SP3, which was release on April 7, 2021.

After our research and testing, we have verified that installing Service Pack 3 from SentinelOne resolves the issue with EasyPower licensing, in our testing environment.